Modern Lightings

The most trendy and pursued style of lightings in today’s day and age are modern light fixtures. With regards to modern standards and practices of architecture, modern lighting designs features creative sensibilities that make them gel well with modern home settings while also bringing an extensive oomph component to every space.

At Light Atelier Singapore, we have curated modern lighting designs into one collection to help you get the perfect modern lightings for living rooms, lounges, dining rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, outdoor light fittings or any other area/space you need to deck up!

Contemporary light fixtures are implicitly must-have for homes that are designed in a modern contemporary interior design themes. The style-vibes which modern styled lights including such as crystal light fixtures that can add to any space is unmatched; no other sort of extravagance lighting can come close to it. Modern wall light fixtures are also cost-effective, functional and versatile home décor items which you can utilize to bring in an element of modern-ness to rooms designed in a modern or contemporary design style too!

Light Atelier is committed to offering top quality modern lightings with functional designs manufactured with heart and style.

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Showing 1–30 of 625 results