Table Lamps

Good lighting can alter the mood and vibes of a space. From modern, stylish to vintage, raw, there are a lot that the right table lamp can do. Select from a wide range of decorative table lamps for accent, ambient or decorative lighting at Light Atelier Singapore.

Easily refresh and update the decor of your room instantly by adding a stylish tripod table lamp. Using designer table lamps gives a boost to your room decor by adding an aesthetic appeal. The colours available in our range of table lamps are so vibrant that they can transform any room instantly. The selection depends upon your requirements – be it for bedroom, living room or a guest room. You can also easily check out the lamp size with our specifications, to make sure they fit where you intend to place the lamp. The shade height should be approximately the same level as your eyes when you are seated, if you are going to use it for reading purpose.

As far as styles of designer LED table lamps is concerned, numerous designs and styles are available for you to choose from, like different styles, materials and colours. All that depends upon the purpose you are going to use that lamp for. For instance, crystal table lamps elevate the room decor instantly. Glass designer table lamps are classic piece of decor and is a better option for formal sitting areas. For child’s bedroom, keeping novelty table lamp is a good option. It all depends upon the purpose and space where it is going to be used.

You may also seek assistance from our team of experts who understand the versatility in using table lamps. Since it is a concentrated source of light that illuminates only a particular area of a room, it is generally used for general purposes such as reading, studying, writing, or just keeping a part of the room lit at night, or purely for decorative purposes. Therefore choosing suitable LED  table lamps is also essential as poor lighting or poorly lit spaces can be harmful for eyes, can even cause headaches and poor vision in the long run. Reach out to us today!

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Showing 1–30 of 101 results