Chandelier Lights

Chandelier Lights exemplifies ambient lighting more than just a light fixture. When you buy a chandelier from Light Atelier Singapore, your guests will be amazed and gasp at the striking beauty of your lighting centrepiece. Such lighting pieces create a magnificent focal point for the space.

We have a huge luxury range when it comes to chandeliers, from crystal chandeliers to modern designer chandeliers to glass lighting chandeliers. The scope of style choices and aesthetics for chandeliers have almost no limits. Different varieties of chandelier lights are available for your choosing, such as sleek, modern, vintage masterpieces, as well as more traditional and classic styles too. Lighting products with clean lines and geometric constructions, or even rustic and vintage looks characterising more relaxed, curved silhouettes are available too.

The warmth and beauty added by chandeliers is incomparable with any other light fixtures. It can convert a bland and boring space or area, and instantly revitalise it with the introduction of intricately designed chandeliers. Browse the widest collection at our online chandeliers lighting shop in Singapore to add up an elegant touch to your rooms, entryways, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, balconies, hotels, staircase, hallway, salons, and malls with our modern, industrial and antique chandeliers.

Light Atelier is one of the top lighting store across Singapore renowned for its versatile, flexible, ingenious chandelier lighting, available at competitive prices. Chandeliers beautifully refract light around a room to soften a harsh light discharged by some bulbs. Our experts can assist you to pick the perfect chandelier to enhance any room’s feel – reach out to us today!

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Showing 1–30 of 128 results