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8 Hacks You Can Spruce-Up Your Home Office

8 Hacks You Can Spruce-Up Your Home Office

Home offices have gone from a luxury few people could afford or make time out to decorate into a necessity. We’re over a year into the pandemic and the ‘temporary’ work from home situation seems less and less temporary. 

Initially, employees restricted their home office needs and wants to a laptop computer on the kitchen table or dedicated a desk and a chair in the corner of their bedroom. While that might have worked out temporarily, it’s impractical given the fact that remote working is seemingly the ‘new normal.’

To reiterate; a home office is a necessity. After having dedicated a room to be used as a home office or converted a storage room to be used for work purposes, it comes down to extracting efficacy from your home office.

Spruce-Up Your Home Office

  • Ergonomic Furniture

Cool office space

Credits: Renopedia, Dyel Design

What do you think of when you think of a desk and a chair? Odds are you probably don’t think of anything. What’s there to think of, right? There’s actually a list of specifications to think over and considerations to make before buying a desk and a chair. 

However, before we get into those specifications, it’s important to understand what the term ‘ergonomics’ implies. Basically, ergonomics or ergonomic is the study of a person’s efficiency in their working environment. 

The term encompasses a lot more than just furniture, but a desk and a chair is probably something that’s personally modified. Manufacturers have come out with specially designed ergonomic furniture that factors in:

  • Ideal sitting position
  • Avoiding neck strain
  • Avoiding back strain
  • Proper arch positioning

And other considerations of the sort. Studies have shown a 17.3% increase in work efficiency with ergonomically designed furniture in the workplace.

  • Never Let A Good Thought Go To Waste

Chic work space with table lamp

Credits: Pexels, Ann Nekr

Archimedes was reportedly in the bath when he exclaimed the popular phrase, ‘eureka!’ This just goes to show that you can have your eureka moment anywhere and at any time. 

You might come up with an amazing idea or solution to a complex issue randomly while you’re working on a different project entirely. Alternatively, you might need to recall previous thoughts and notes to compare and contrast with what your other team members are suggesting. 

Never let a good idea go to waste – don your home office space with soft boards, black boards, white boards, and other writing material in clear view. This allows you to have all your thoughts and suggestions in plain view to recall when needed. 

  • Declutter Your Space to Declutter Your Mind

Clutter free organized home office

Credits: Renopedia, Fuse Designs

Have you ever had a nagging feeling when you see cluttered room? A cluttered room screams everything, but not productivity. Studies have shown that employees have increased work output in office spaces that were curated to be minimal, but functional. 

Minimalism is a 21st century anthem – if you don’t need it, don’t keep it! 

  • Decorate With What Makes You Happy

Spacious home office with statement ceiling lamp

Credits: Renopedia, Northwest Designs

It is, important to understand that your home office needs is differentiated from your office cubicle based on customization. You hardly get any creative freedom in your office space. Besides perhaps a photograph or two.

Your primary focus for a home office needs to be productivity. But creativity and productivity are mutually exclusive of one another. Think of it this way – would you want to spend time in a gloomy, dull room? Probably not.

  • Lighting is Key

Ambrosi minimalist dome shaped office table lamp

Shown In Image: Ambrosi Minimalist Dome Shaped Table Lamp

It goes without a saying that you need adequate lighting to be able to work at your best. However, most people have limited the idea of lighting to simply flipping a switch. 

Lighting is one of the most misunderstood and under-valued concepts in home design. Alternatively, it’s the one designers and decorators are most particular about.

Your home office needs to have proper lighting. Ideally, lighting should be in layers. This means that all three types of lighting need to coexist with one another for maximum efficiency.

  • Ambient (overhead) lighting
  • Task (dedicated) lighting
  • Accent (aesthetically pleasing) lighting

For lighting solutions of all sorts, visit Light Atelier.

  • Speakers and Music

Minimalist home office interior

Credits: Pexels, Ken Tomita

To some, the idea of having music blaring on your speakers while you work might seem counter intuitive. Reports have estimated a 30% increase in work output with music playing in the background.

Why? One theory suggests that it takes away from the monotony of having to stare at a screen. And therefore, gives your mind something to energize itself with. Other theories stress on the importance of having a healthy distraction once in a while to be able to dedicate yourself truly to your work. 

  • Avoid Blue Light As Much as You Can

Stylish home office with spotlight

Credits: Renopedia, Letz Interior

This one might sound a bit tech-sensitive. However, working from home means increasing your screen time by ten-folds. Understandably, this is necessary when you’re working remotely. 

However, just because you need to increase your screen time doesn’t mean that you need to compromise your eye sight while you’re at it. Blue light shields and glasses are available to restrict eye damage and strain. 

  • Proper Working Height Dimensions

Elegant home office with layered lighting

Credits: Renopedia, Fine Line Design

Layout plays a major key in determining how much you make out of your home office. In this case, you need to make sure your home office is structured in such a way that you get to be at maximum productivity. 

Working height dimensions refer to placement for computers, chairs, desks, and other things of the sort. Heights vary from one person to the next. Ergonomics play a feature. 

As a general rule:

  • Your back should be upright.
  • Your neck should be straight.
  • Your thighs should be parallel to the floor.
  • Your knees should be at right angles to the floor.

All of these factors when in collaboration with one another allow employees to increase their work performance significantly.


In conclusion, working from home or working remotely is something that might have existed for a long time, but has recently gained traction. Studies show that 83.3% of employees would rather work in hybrid work environments or remotely. 

However, working from home also means giving due attention to your workspace and home office. Spruce up your home office to get the most out of your professional experience.