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Table Lamp 101: Things To Consider When Buying One

Lighting is quite understandably one of the most crucial elements of home decor. However, it is one of the most poorly executed elements too. When it comes to lighting, aesthetics, and functioning need to go hand in hand. 

If one is prioritized over the other, you’re left with several complications. These include, but are not limited to; throbbing headaches, itching eyes, watery eyes, etc.

Homeowners are willing to go through great lengths to eliminate these lighting dilemmas. However, call it a lack of proper research, they often end up wasting time and money on the wrong product. 

In a world where extravagant chandeliers and unique lighting solutions capture your attention, perhaps the simplest solution was the right table lamp.

There are a lot of many factors to consider when buying a table lamp. The end goal is obviously to get a solution to your problem. We’ve compiled a quick guide for getting the right table lamp based on factors such as design, functioning, and much more!

Prerequisites – Choosing the Right Spot And Determining Your Needs

Warm Eye Catching Table Lamp

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Before you can go over to a store to buy a table lamp, many prerequisites have to be carried out and considered. First of all, determine why you need a table lamp in the first place. Some people require them for specific purposes such as reading or knitting. Others might require them for general illumination and nothing specific.

Determining your needs is important because lighting elements, in general, come in three basic categories: task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting. Task lighting solutions are designed to illuminate any particular area for a specific task. They provide a focal area of illumination.

Ambient lighting is the opposite. Table lamps with ambient lighting are designed to illuminate – it’s as simple as that. Accent lighting functions more or less as subtle lighting. The sort you would expect from a nightlight. 

Hence, there are several different variants of lights, and choosing the right table lamp would require you to determine what use you want to make out of it. Next, we have to choose the right spot for the lamp.

The right spot determines the height and builds of your table lamp. If you need a table lamp for your bedside table, you wouldn’t need one that’s too short or too tall. However, tall and short over here are vague terms. It depends on how tall or short your bedside table and your bed are for the lamp to be compared.

Height And Size Of Your Lamp

Modish Table Lamp

Credits: Unsplash, Khloe Arledge

Lamps come in several different shapes, heights, and sizes. Some might appeal more to you than to others. Over here, the question isn’t first of what appeals. It’s what works best followed by what appeals the most.

The height of your table lamp has to follow one simple rule: The eye level rule. This rule states that the base of the lampshade for your table lamp has to be at eye level from where you’d be sitting. For example; if you’re buying a desk lamp, the base of the shade would be at eye level from where you’ve positioned your chair.

The eye rule helps alleviate several lighting complications, predominantly eye stress. Most people would recommend that your table lamp should not stand more than 64 inches tall including the lampshade. However, it depends on your position from the table lamp.

The size of your table lamp comes next. The size is much more of an aesthetic concern. For example; an overly decorative and vibrant lamp on a petite bedside table would not only look out of place, but it wouldn’t be able to perform its function either. 

Picking The Right Lampshade

Delightful Dreamy Lamp

Credits: Unsplash, Glenn McCallum

Many interior designers believe that the lampshade, much more than the lamp itself, is what makes all the difference. Rightfully so, the only thing separating your table lamp from your overhead lighting is the lampshade. Thus, it is necessary to understand the different types of lampshades and how to determine which one works best for you.

Again, it depends on what you require the lamp for. If you require the lamp for reading, then you’re leaning more towards task lighting and a paper lampshade (or a more opaque one) would work better. In contrast to when you require ambient lighting where a less opaque shade would be more suitable.

A common mistake is choosing an improperly sized lampshade. You have to choose one that has a diameter no larger than 2 inches less than the base length. There are several reasons for this; aesthetics, functioning, and stability.

When it comes to aesthetics, the lampshade is what makes all the difference. The right one will work well with your interior and thus you have to assess what you already have or how much you’re willing to change before buying a table lamp.

Unique Lighting Features

Captivating Aesthetic Lamp

Credits: Unsplash, Lowie Van Houte

No matter how many years have gone by, table lamps have always been staples. However, every year, new features have been added to innovate the beloved lighting element. For example; some table lamps come with USB ports, energy-efficient technology and so much more.

When buying a table light, it is crucial to also take into account other factors you might feel are necessary. What prompted you to buy a table lamp and what features could enhance that light for your needs? These are important questions to ask yourself when choosing table lamps with unique features. 

If you don’t go in without determining your needs, you’ll end up getting swindled into buying whatever you feel is needed – even when it isn’t. Light Atelier has an extensive and unlimited collection of several unique lighting elements. Check out our product catalog today. 


Inadequate lighting poses a serious risk. Choosing the right lighting element to eliminate such risks is therefore necessary. 

Table lamps are household staples and have several functions – but they also come in several forms. This is why it is necessary to research the different types and functions one may have before spending your time and money.