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Luxury and Posh Home Interior Design on a Budget – Tips and Tricks

Designing or revamping your home to make it look lux and glamorous is everyone’s biggest wish, yet doing so on the budget can be one of the most wonderful as well as exhausting experiences in your life. Whether you are focusing on the whole house or simply redesigning the specific area in your living room, it can be a challenge to get everything right – let alone on a budget!

Now the greater challenge arises when you’re trying to nail your home interior design right on the head on a budget, while aiming to create a luxury and posh look. Not only do you have to stay within the budget, but you also have to create something professional, elegant and rich-looking!

In this guide, we will be focusing mostly on your living room area and giving you the secret tips and tricks that you need to give your home a luxurious look on a budget.

Let’s get started!

Tip #1: Use Multiple Lighting Options


One of the greatest secrets of luxurious house décor is that the lighting is always remarkable. You want to create warmth and coziness without over-stuffing your home – and great, layered lighting can help you achieve that! 

A great way to save is by installing a modern pendant light on the ceiling instead of a traditional chandelier. On the other hand, a pendant light will give you sheer elegance you seek in your living room.

However, to create the warmth you seek, you need to add other sources of lighting as well. This is why, to complement your center-piece pendant light, try to look up some wall fixtures that would enhance the look of your living room.

The key to striking the balance between luxurious and posh with a wall fixture light is to install something that is neither too bulky, nor too bold. Your goal should be to install a light that is minimalistic and radiates light effortlessly.

Babette Classic Amber Glass Lamp Shade Gorgeous Wall Light

Some other cheap tricks to create a luxurious environment through lighting include:

  • Kindling up some scented candles in reflective spaces
  • Attaching some plug-in sconces
  • Installing dimmer switches to control the lighting and setting the right tone for the right mood

Tip #2: Consider Multiple-Matching Fabrics

If you really want to give your living room a luxurious and posh interior without spending too much, then consider investing in some high-class fabric for your couch pillows and cushions.

Now, here is how you can be smart about this. If you already have cushions or couch pillows, then you’re good to go. If not, just head over to a discounted store and get some cheap cushions for your couches.

Next, get in touch with the local fabric store and try to find scraps of gorgeous fabric. Try to find scraps of silk, satin, velvet and wool to really add that elegant and “rich” look. You can also go a little crazy with your color choice – nothing has to be monochromatic. The best part is, you’ll find these scraps of fabric at a really cheap price!

Luxury and posh home design


Now, try to find a tailor or you can sew the fabric around the cushions yourself. Set them up on your couch and voila! You’re good to go! 

If you’re really crafty, get a 2 yard long (or more) fabric that matches the color of your cushion fabric and stitch a throw out of it to place on your couch! It’s definitely going to boost the luxurious look of your home interior!

Fabric cushion couch


Tip #3: Get A Large Piece of Art

There is no better way to grab attention than a large, wall-sized piece of art. Not only does it notch up your living room to a luxury standard but it also opens room for conversation. 

Leonardo da Vinci said, “A beautiful body perishes, but a work of art dies not,” and indeed, no matter what trend comes and goes, the beauty of a stellar piece of art will never cease to fascinate your guests or you.

art in living room


But it is easy to get carried away and splurge when it comes to art. Instead of investing into an expensive piece, seek out your local artists and purchase their life-sized pieces. Make sure that the piece you invest in holds value to you. 

If you’re artsy yourself, then take the lead and create something colorful and vibrant for your own home – just get an enormous canvas, art supplies and get creative!

Art in house


Some cheap tricks to enhance the beauty of your art piece:

  • Hit up a local, antique store and purchase a majestic frame in either gold or rust for your canvas
  • Install a pendant light near the art piece for accent lighting – you don’t have to buy anything super expensive… just go for whatever creates illumination with a style

Tip #4: Always Add Heirloom-Quality Pieces

Enhancing your home with decorative items can sound like an expensive venture. But this can easily be done within a budget! Visit your nearest thrift store or antique pieces place and find items that can accentuate the elegance of your home. Remember, you can never go wrong with a little vintage!

quality heirloom pieces


Some cheap items you can invest in include:

  • A crystal credenza on a silver tray to serve drinks 
  • A stunning set of oak credenza for convenience 
  • Using an empty, old but majestic frame to display not art, but any heirloom object


Don’t be shy to mix and match the new or modern pieces that you find with the vintage ones. Nothing creates a luxe vibe better than a combination of the past and the present. In addition, make sure to use accent lighting with pendant lights and wall fixtures to create a cozy, warm and gleaming effect in your home.

You might think that shopping for lights is going to cost you a dime. But in reality, you can actually find cost-efficient pieces to adorn your home with!

If you’re looking for some budget-friendly lighting options, head over to our shop. We at Light Atelier offer a beautiful variety of luxurious and modern contemporary lighting options to create that luxury look in your home effortlessly.