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Lighting Design Ideas To Optimize Home Office Spaces

What purpose does good lighting serve besides illumination? 

Most people can’t think of anything other than general uses and aesthetics. But what if we told you that good lighting can boost your productivity? 

You probably wouldn’t believe us, but we’re here to give you the facts!

Good lighting is a necessity – it’s required all around your living space. However, its functions are multiplied in a home office. 

Properly adjusted lighting can reduce headaches, eye-stress, and reduce fatigue. A trifecta for a boost in productivity ensuring that you’re always at the top of your game!

Let’s look at a few lighting design ideas to optimize your home office!

The Best Lighting Design Ideas for Your Home Office

Stylish and Practical Floor Lamps

Vila Modern Geometric Shape Floor Lamp

Product in Image: Vila Modern Geometric Shape Floor Lamp

We’re all pretty familiar with table lamps and desk lamps for home offices. But if you’re looking to elevate your space, you might want to consider a floor lamp. 

It essentially works similar to a desk lamp by directing light towards a specific corner of the room. However, it’s a lot more versatile in its design. Plus, floor lamps combine specific illumination with a certain degree of general illumination. 

Which means that not only would you be able to focus on the work in front of you, but you can look around your room without disrupting your light balance. 

People who work with desk lamps often complain of eye stress when shifting their gaze from their brightly lit table to other corners of the room. 

The shift in light intensity can disrupt their vision temporarily. Multiply this by a few thousand times and you’ll have a raging headache in no time. 

Layer Lighting

Cool home office table chair computer

Credits: Pexels, Oladimeji Ajegbile

What does the term layering mean when it comes to lighting?

Essentially, there are three types of lighting: 

  • Ambient lights 
  • Task lights
  • Accent lights 

Ambient lights provide general illumination, task lights light up specific corners of the room, and accent lights give the room more depth. 

Layering lights is essentially the same as giving the lighting in your room multi-purpose roles. Additionally, by layering lighting in your home office you’re optimizing efficiency. 

Let’s look at it with an example. Ambient lights light up the room overall, whereas the lighting overhead your table provides task lights. And then there are some fixtures in corners of the room that give your space more definition. 

It’s like they say, a cluttered space contributes to a cluttered mind. Cluttered lighting would pretty much be the same since your intensities are all off. 

A Pop Of Color

Fadey Contemporary Colorful Geometric Pendant Light

Product in Image: Fadey Contemporary Colorful Geometric Pendant Light

Who says lighting has to be boring? Certainly not us! 

Lighting fixtures can be as fun as you make them out to be. And we’re not talking about simple lighting fixtures either. Lighting elements such as chandeliers can also have a pop of color to give your home office more character. 

What’s great about colored lighting elements is that the light itself doesn’t have to be colored. You could switch out lamp shades and fixture add-on’s for different colors and hues. Bonus points for finding something that works well with the overall aesthetic of your space. 

Think about it – bright white light in an otherwise themed room would make no sense. It wouldn’t serve its own purpose and disrupt the decoration too. 

Combine Artificial and Natural Lighting

Vintage book shelf with a nice work space

Credits: Pexels, Carlo Solano

There’s no light that can beat natural lighting. However, natural light isn’t optimized for our use, and has to be combined with artificial lighting for maximum productivity. 

The best way to combine the best of both worlds is to let in as much natural light as you can through the blinds. And combine it with some artificial light. 

Then, as the sun goes down, taper the natural light off whilst increasing the artificial light. This reduces eye strain and allows you to stay at the top of your game throughout the day. 

Dimmers Are Your Friend

Work space with dimmers

Credits: Pexels, Visually Us

While dimmers aren’t part of lighting fixtures as per se, no lighting element can work without them! 

Dimmers act as controls for lighting elements and allow you to adjust the degree and intensity of lighting per your liking. 

For example, you have bright light at night, but during the day when the sun’s out you can dim your lighting. Dimmers also allow you to adjust the light as per your needs, when you want calming light intensities versus when you want brighter lights. 

Dimmers are a lifesaver for working individuals looking to make the most out of their home offices!

Blue Light BlockingComfortable home office set up with blue light blocking

Credits: Pexels, Ola Dapo

The number one cause of eye strain, headaches, and consequently decreased productivity is sitting over a screen all day long. Long term effects include dwindling eyesight and migraines. What’s the best way to rid yourself of these ailments? 

Simple, get blue light blockers! 

These blockers could either be blue light blocking glasses or pads that go on top of your laptop screen. They keep the blue light from entering your eyes and consequently decrease eye strain. 

However, it is important to note that blue light can only be decreased to a certain level. You’ll have to be mindful of your screen time and take breaks to rest your eyes in between for optimal performance. 

Rules of Interior Decorating ApplyHerhert Contemporary Stand Up Floor Lamp

Product in Image: Herhert Contemporary Stand Up Floor Lamp

To make the most out of your home office, you need to decorate it in a way that makes you want to spend your time there. Sure, work is a pretty convincing factor. 

However, a better way to optimize your working schedule or your time in your home office would be to decorate it as nicely as you can.

If your home office is decorated to be your utopia, you’ll want to work there for as long as you can!

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