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Light Buying Guide: Get Glamorous with these Luxury Lighting Design Ideas

We’re all guilty of drooling over images of celebrities million-dollar mansions. Quite frankly, there’s nothing to feel guilty over. They’re beautiful homes that stand apart from the crowd because of their gorgeous designs. The one thing all of these homes have in common is that they incorporate a certain degree of luxury and glamour.

Not too long ago, homeowners simply visited their nearest furniture stores to pick lighting fixtures for their homes. However, times have massively changed and lighting has more or less evolved into a statement of fashion – a symbol of art.

Designers and decorators are constantly coming out with intricate lighting solutions and ways to incorporate them with personal style choices and aesthetics to reach the perfect ambiance. 

However, with so many options and different ways to use them, it becomes easy to feel overwhelmed and make the wrong choices. We’re going to be looking at some glamorous ideas and tips to make your home stand apart.

What Classifies As Luxurious?

Luxury Chandelier Lamp

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Before we move on to how you can add luxury, it’s important to understand what it takes to be called luxurious. A common misconception that’s been paved is that luxury lighting is a different category all on its own.

Some people might consider vintage lighting solutions as luxurious and others might consider contemporary elements as such. However, both aesthetics can incorporate luxurious designs since glamorous fixtures and portable lights are subsets within these aesthetics. 

Anything can be made luxurious with the right amount of style, scale, and sparkle!

Luxurious Effects

Luxury isn’t necessarily defined on the amount of money you spent on a fixture. It comes down to the feel of luxury that it creates. Designers and decorators don’t limit million dollar homes to luxurious decor. They make do with any budget or size by incorporating the right effects.

  •  Spotlight Effect

Spotlight Effect light

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The name gives it away. A spotlight effect creates a concentrated focal light point meant to highlight architectural elements, art pieces, or anything of the sort. Spotlight effects can be created with task lighting, ambient lights, or accent lights.

  •  Wall Grazing and Wall Washing

Wall Grazing Light

Credits: Renopedia, Starry Homesteid

Luxurious spaces are often wider and larger than most living spaces. However, you wouldn’t need to break down walls or add extensions to have a living space. Sometimes all you have to do is create the illusion of space.

You can achieve this with wall grazing or wall washing. Essentially, lights are strategically placed around the corners of the room in either strips or vertical beams to allude to a larger space.

  •  Upward Lighting

Upward Chandelier Light

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Upward lighting is a more glamorous counterpart to downward light. You might be familiar with downward lighting. Shades typically have a wider base than a top. The problem is downward lights cast an unappealing shadow. Upward lights focus light towards the ceiling and allow it to bounce back down for a warm, subtle glow.

Living Room – Bigger, Bolder, Better

Luxury Chandelier Lighting

Credits: Renopedia

Chandeliers are the epitome of luxury and glamour. Quite rightfully so, they’re lighting solutions known to be the most reflective and eye-catching. However, modern designs don’t limit chandeliers as the sole torchbearers of grace nor do they limit chandeliers as crystalline fixtures.

Your living room is where you’d have to entertain guests. From graduation parties to cocktail parties – you want your impress and stun away your guests. Nothing can do it better than a chandelier. 

The chandelier in your living room has to mesh with the rest of the aesthetic, yet stand its ground. Sounds paradoxical? Well, think of it this way. A chandelier can’t be vintage in a contemporary room or vice-versa. What it can be is appropriate for the theme, yet unique enough to be the star of the show.

Dining Rooms – Warm and Cozy

Contemporary Pendant Light

Credits: Renopedia, Starry Homesteid

Tip: To accentuate any element in your home, layer lights. 

Layering lights refers to an age-old technique of adding in lights of multiple forms to create a coherent glow. You go from general purpose lighting to task lighting and then to accent lights. 

In a dining room, your dining table and chairs are obvious elements. What’s added to it is a beautiful central fixture for ambient lighting. Compared to living rooms, pendant lights are preferred over chandeliers because of their diversity in design and size. 

Tip: To install the perfect pendant light, measure the length and width of your table, and install a pendant light 2/3rd’s of its dimensions.

Additionally, you can add accent lights along with the bar or dessert table for a cozier feel.

Bedrooms – Mood Lighting

Mood Bedroom Light

Credits: Renopedia, My Shopper Studio

What’s mood lighting? Mood lighting is a lighting solution with a warm glow for a relax space. What better room for it than the bedroom? To install mood lights, you do not have to think outside of the box. All it takes are either table lamps or low hanging pendant lights besides your headboard. Other sorts of mood lights include wall scones and central pendants.

Tip: Avoid placing mood lights at or below eye level. This creates an unsettling glare. Always install them a little above eye level. 

Bathrooms – Natural Light

Bathroom Light with Natural Light

Credits: Renopedia, Starry Homesteid

There’s nothing better than radiant light coming in from the sun. This light is non-comparable, however, you need to add adjuncts to accentuate it. For example; to allow more natural light into your bathroom, you can install larger mirrors allowing light to bounce around the room. Or, you could install sheer drapes.

With artificial lights, you do not have to install a range of lights. Simple tasks and track lights would do. After all, that’s all you need!


And there you have it! Design tips to create a luxurious atmosphere right here in your living space with lights. Be sure to follow through with these luxury lightings tips to create a living space comparable to what you see in magazines.