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Light Buying Guide: Best Table Lamps to Impress Your Guests

Light Buying Guide Table Lamps to Impress Guests

“Where can I buy table lamps in Singapore of the best quality?” might be a question you have always searched an answer for. But do not, we’re here to help!

To say that lighting has a significant impact on your decorative choices would be an understatement. Lighting are not just complementary features for your existing fixtures. Instead, they can completely revamp the entire room!

This is why it’s important to consider several factors before committing to a particular sort of design of the lighting element.

With table lamps, you might think this decision is easier. However, they’re some of the most versatile elements out there. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of choices – and make a bad one.

Buy Table Lamps in Singapore

Non-Conventional Shades

Table Lamp with Unique Shages

Get This Look: Aliceson Contemporary Mushroom Shaped Table Lamp

Close your eyes and try to picture a table lamp. Odds are you probably thought of a typical cloth shaded one with its shade being wider at the base than at its top. Honestly, we don’t blame you because the sort of table lamp that you just envisioned are some of the most common sorts of table lamps out there.

They’re a safe bet and work well with any design. However, we aren’t looking to blend in. We’re trying to look for the best table lamps we can find in Singapore and what better way than to stand out.

There’s nothing wrong with having ivory or white shade, they’re usually considered as letting through the most light. However, when placing a table lamp for guests to see, you want a completely different feel. For example; if you place a table lamp in the dining room, it acts as accent lighting. If you place one on the vanity, you want it to act as task lighting.

With non-conventional shades, you play around with the color, design, and overall shape of the shade. There are several sorts to choose from. You could go with drum shades, linear shades, and so forth. Similarly, you could have patterns and designs that are shorter than the rest of the shade.

The lampshade is the focal element of the lamp itself. Illumination is an obvious feature, but the type of light it illuminates is inherently related to the sort of lampshade there is. Plus, to wow your guests you would have to consider decorative elements as well. 

A common mistake homeowners often make while selecting lampshades is buying one that’s of wrong proportions.

Rule of Thumb: the diameter of your lampshade has to be about 2 inches less than the base length of your lamp. 

There’s also the option of ditching a cloth shade altogether for a metal shade. Metals are crown jewels when it comes to decorating a room. They look chic and classy. However, mixing too many metals is a strong pass. 

Here’s what works – chrome and nickel, nickel and bronze, silver and gold, and anything with copper. Just make sure you do not end up mixing too many different metals in the same room.

Aland Contemporary Stunning Bubble Spherical Table Lamp

Moody Lava Inspired Table Lamp

Shop This Product: Aland Contemporary Stunning Bubble Spherical Table Lamp

With a non-conventional shade, you would also expect unique lighting. The featured product has a spherical glass shade that adds in more creativity than your regular run-off-the-mill ivory shades. 

What’s even more special about the shade is that it creates a diffuse peachy glow. Perfect for bedside night lights or mood-lights in your living room.

Table Lamps to provide Diffused Lighting

Table Lamp with Recessed Light

Get This Product: Jaimee Elegant Globe Glass Table Lamp

Accent lights are considered adjuncts to central lighting elements such as chandeliers or pendants. This doesn’t always have to be the case, and doesn’t have to be when you buy table lamps. They create a soft and diffused glow that sets the tone for a cozier atmosphere. As such, some of the best table lamps to impress can be other than ambient, but to provide diffused lighting through smart use of frosted glass lamp shades. 

It’s important to consider the sort of tone you wish to achieve when you have guests over – Is it a cocktail party? A graduation dinner? Whatever the case may be, you want everyone to feel at home and relaxed. Diffused lights do just that.

You can place table lamps with diffused lights at the edges of the room for a cozy light effect all over. They distract the eyes from wandering about and protect them from glare. 

Karsten Modern Wooden Metal Single Arm Table Lamp

Gold Washed Minimal Table Lamp

Shop This Product: Karsten Modern Wooden Metal Single Arm Table Lamp

With a unique wooden finish and a brushed gold stand, the Karsten Modern Wooden table lamp is an example of recessed lighting that has been taken up a notch. It is perfect to highlight decorative elements such as porcelain pieces on tables, while offering functionality as well.

Decorative Elements

Decorative Table Lamps

Get This Look: Adriene Modern White Orchids Table Lamp

Sometimes you don’t have to impress your guests by racking your brain over how to incorporate a lighting element – especially when the element does it for you. Commonly, homeowners use table lamps as decorative features for bedside tables. However, modern designs call for incorporation in any room. 

Buying a table lamp to illuminate an area is a pretty straight forward feature. Of course, it will illuminate the area. However, what you need is to find a way to incorporate design alongside function.

As such, designers have come out with styles that have a decorative touch to them. Be it in fancy stands, different colors or so much more. You can use your table lamp as quite literally an art piece if it’s fancy enough. 

Egmont Art Deco Bird Table Lamp

Unique Art Deco Table Lamp

Shop This Product: Egmont Art Deco Bird Table Lamp

Nothing can bear true testament to the term ‘lighting art’ than the Egamont Art Deco Bird table lamp. This table lamp features a unique design that makes it stand out from everything else. 

Light Atelier has a wide range of decorative lighting solutions such as the featured piece. Our catalog on table lamps is worth going through.

Different Colored Lamps

Dual Shaded Lamp

Get This Product: Caerleon Retro Modern Antique Marble Table Lamp

If you want your guests to notice your table lamp, you would have to make it stand on its own from other features. A common and simple way to achieve this when you buy table lamps is by highlighting color.

With neutral backdrops, a pop of color can attract anyone’s attention. In this case, a brightly colored table lamp against a beige backdrop gives a punch no one can miss. These colored table lamps hold their ground and stand out from the rest of the room – in a good way, of course. Your guests will be awe-struck by your decor!

Verddun Contemporary Classic Guard Soldier Table Lamp

Metalic Aesthetic Table Lamp

Shop This Look: Verddun Contemporary Classic Guard Soldier Table Lamp

The whole point in having different colored table lamps placed is for it to go well with your aesthetic. The featured product is the Verddun contemporary table lamp available on Light Atelier’s website in other metallic shades as well, such as copper. 

Together, you can install them in a contemporary, futuristic living room, bedroom or study room (anywhere, really) and play their part.


Since table lamps are classic lighting features, you can incorporate them in any room or space. They’ve probably been here since the inception of the light bulb. As such, there are multiple design styles and types you can choose from. 

While it might be easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing the perfect table lamp. There are certain rules to keep in mind and certain factors to consider. 

Follow through with this guide and you’ll leave your guests impressed!

Over at Light Atelier, you’ll come across table lamps that can be used as ambient lights, diffused lights, or task lights. We have you covered for any lighting need!