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Latest Chandelier Lighting Designs That Are Bound to Impress

Latest Chandelier Lighting Designs That Are Bound to Impress

All that glitters might not be gold, but it could be a sparkling chandelier hanging on the foyer, over the dining room table, or even in the bathroom!

A chandelier is a versatile lighting fixture that goes well with just about every decor. They accentuate your living space, add more depth and definition, and awestruck guests.

A chandelier is bound to get people talking. However, traditional designs are a little too ‘been there, done that.’ You probably wouldn’t want to have the same crystal chandelier in your 21st century living space as your parents and grandparents did.

It’s time to switch it up and we have design ideas that are bound to impress.

Chandelier Designs That Are Bound to Impress

  • Ring Chandeliers

Elegant Modern Chandelier

Source: Renopedia, Letz Interior

A chandelier is an ornate lighting fixture with several lighting attachments. Traditionally, these attachments were indecent lights or low lights. However, modern designs include florescent lights as well. 

Florescent lights work particularly well in minimalist design spaces or contemporary ones. These design spaces feature every ornament as a statement piece on its own and what could be more extravagant than a chandelier?

A ring chandelier features rings in it’s’ design instead of multiple tiny bulbs. It’s a modern take on the classic design, but maintains the same majestic aesthetic of one. These rings do not necessarily have to be circular or arranged in a particular fashion. 

The rings can be square or rectangular and arranged in more contemporary styles. 

  • LED Light Changing Chandeliers

LED Light chandelier

Source: Renopedia, Focus Studio

To change the lighting on a traditional chandelier, you would’ve had to take it all apart one bulb at a time. The entire process seems exhausting just thinking about it.

An LED (light emitting diode) is one of the more popular lighting sources in today’s time. They’re convenient, energy saving, and offer customization. In this case, the customization makes the chandelier stand out.

LED lighting chandeliers can be altered via remote control. Features include changing the intensity of the light source, the colors, and a whole lot more. They’re innovative in every sense of the word.

  • Linear Suspension Chandelier

Linear stylish chandelier

Source: Renopedia, Ciseern Designs

Linear suspension chandeliers are both minimal and modern. The latter is variable. For example, you can alter the design to fit well with contemporary living spaces or even mid-century ones. 

The beauty of a chandelier comes from the fact that they’re versatile in every which way. Traditional ones were often synonymous with mid-century or Victorian designs. Modern ones, however, can be used in practically every room of the house. 

A linear suspension one, however, would look particularly well over a study desk or work station. With work from home becoming the new normal, home offices are no longer solitary desks in the corner of your room. 

Treat yourself right with the right lighting element.

  • Rustic/Ranch Style Chandeliers

Luxury stone glass chandelier

Product in The Picture: Synnove Luxury Stone Glass Ring Pendant Light

When you think of a rustic styled interior, your mind automatically goes towards a plethora of designs. You won’t limit the interior to any particular thing. However, when thinking of a rustic lighting fixture, most people would limit themselves to thinking it means a wooden one. 

There’s nothing wrong with a beautifully crafted wooden fixture, but rustic lighting solutions go well beyond that. For example, a chandelier made to mimic antlers or horns.

  • Raindrop Crystal Chandeliers

Item In The Picture: Bothan Luxury Raindrop Crystal Chandelier Light

If you’re someone who’s mesmerized by classical, mid-century chandeliers, but don’t have the right interior to go with it. Don’t worry. There are several lighting solutions that combine your love for what’s in the past to what you have at the present.

A raindrop chandelier has several lighting elements in its design that fall down variably. To simplify, the design is such that the lighting varies in intensity to mimic rainfall.

This design can go well with most interiors especially minimal and contemporary ones. Hang yours up over the dining room or in the middle of the living room. The design is enough to strike up any conversation.

  • Variable Shape

Luxury raindrop crystal chandelier

Source: Renopedia, Vistaz Designs

Design rules 101 used to be pretty limited and specific. For example, you can’t mix stripes with spots, you can’t spruce up with two alternating decors, and you most definitely can’t mix circles with squares.

Designs used to be limited and interiors used to be the same from one home to another. However, modern designers and decorators understand the need to stand out and be unique. Hence, design laws are now a thing of the past.

When it comes to lighting elements and particularly chandeliers, you can mix up shapes to give your lighting more uniqueness. For example, a rectangular or square base with circular elements flowing down, or a circular base with rectangular elements flowing down. 

The base is a part of the design with lighting elements in it as well.

  • Contemporary Styles

Stylish variable shape chandelier

Source: Renopedia, Luxurious Designs PTE LTD

Contemporary designs are designs that can best be described as ‘quirky.’ They don’t fit with any other aesthetic and each element is made to stand out on it’s own in a unique manner. 

Contemporary lighting solutions are therefore the most impressive ones to choose from. Manufacturers and designers try coming up with designs that are all unique – even from one another. For example, no two contemporary lighting elements look alike. 

This isn’t true for modern lighting fixtures or Scandinavian ones. Other interior designs usually follow a set pattern or color schemes. Contemporary styles, on the other hand, are all made to stand center stage on their own.

  • Wired Chandeliers

Luxurious contemporary chandelier

Source: Renopedia, Crescento Interior and Design 

By definition, a chandelier is a lighting fixture that’s ornate. Modern takes on classic elements have created subcategories within the lighting element. 

A wired chandelier offers a greater range of designs sculpted intricately with sturdy wires. The number of lighting elements on such a fixture are usually limited to showcase more of the body of the chandelier.


Chandeliers are quite possibly the most attractive lighting elements to choose from. Modern takes on the lighting fixture give designers and decorators a plethora of options to choose from. For chandelier designs to impress, visit our site and browse through Light Atelier’s catalogue for designs like no other.