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How To Transform Your Traditional Home into a Contemporary and Classy One

There’s an age-old expression: Go big or go home. In this case, you want to go home.

Homeowners are a bit wary of incorporating modern designs into their homes. Why? Because the concept of modern living space has been popularized more so in recent years. 

Homeowners having much more traditional living spaces have had to hold off of on their dreams for their dream aesthetic due to a lack thereof for the architectural designs of recent times.

Don’t push that thought back just yet, because even the most traditional of homes can have a modern twist by bringing in some elements of modern living for a streamlined space. 

This article explores simple, yet effective ways through which you can transform your traditional home into a contemporary and classic one.

Go Back On Sets

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This might sound contradictory to what a ‘set’ actually is, however, contemporary living spaces are designed to incorporate form along with functionality. In more traditional homes, you would notice dining chairs to fit eight people even though there might just be three people in that household. 

Sets of furniture produce clutter and hold back on reinventing spaces for more use. Breaking up your furniture sets probably sounds like an irrational thing to do. Nevertheless, modern homes incorporate furniture that has been chosen thoughtfully to enhance space – even though they are not a part of a set.

Traditional homes often come with an air of heaviness. This is the perfect opportunity to air out your home. You do not necessarily have to transport your sets into different corners, you could just as easily reupholster a few pieces in colorful patterns to incorporate more diversity into matching sets.

Neat And Clean

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When you first moved into your home or your apartment, the world of interior design was at your fingertips. You had all the time and energy in the world to play with colors and schemes to transform empty rooms into something that showcased your personality.

Now, a few years down the line, you’re left with a whole lot of furniture and furnishings and not enough space to place them. The result? A whole lot of clutter. If there’s one thing that can take away the feeling of comfort from home, it’s clutter.

Traditional homes have been known to be cluttered. Think of Grandma’s home, everything was displayed in full vividness even if it didn’t serve a purpose. Numerous fixtures, paintings, and a whole array of couches and chairs. Admittedly, a lot of this ‘stuff’ holds sentimental value, but that sentiment loses sheen if it’s stacked on top of one another.

Modern designs streamline furnishings and other elements in the home to make it look bright, spacious, and neat. As opposed to traditional homes, they don’t pose as an eyesore to keep your eyes traveling here and there for whatever mess there is.

It doesn’t take much – in fact, that’s the very opposite of what it would take. To achieve a more modern space, shift some items that serve no function into storage, or make an extra few dollars by having a garage sale. Your home needs to feel airy.

Move away furniture from the walls to create space and readjust furnishings in the living space for a natural pathway to be created. Likewise, you could incorporate a lighting fixture or a stand to give you a more spacious look. 

Make Architecture Stand Out

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Architectural designs for modern living spaces usually incorporate complex shapes and such to divert focus onto them. Most traditional homeowners are thus wary of transforming their homes – they do not have those complex architectural elements. However, it doesn’t have to look like something Andy Warhol created for it to be modern. Traditional homes have traditional architectural elements that can still be incorporated into modern aesthetics.

It would be unfair to say that builder-grade homes are not creative. They add quite a few features that can be highlighted to get more architectural impact. Look around your home for interesting shapes, fixtures, and placements that can be highlighted. Remember, a modern home makes good with these elements by incorporating them into the design itself.

You can highlight these elements by having complementary accessories, colors, or fixtures for them. You could even use mirrors to reflect your favorite corners to give an added impact.

Unified Palette

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Grab a bucket of paint to transform your traditional home into a modern one – yes, it could be just that simple! High contrast created a more unified palette which is a standard for modern spaces. Each corner has its theme, yet there are fluidity and connectivity. In short, everything is streamlined. Recall that a streamlined interior is what we’re looking to achieve.

Modern homes have been popularized by celebrities, which makes it seem unattainable. While they might have brought them into attention, they aren’t the only people who can live modern. High contrast colors give spaces a sharp and clean feeling. 

Think black and white contrasts or maybe even a bit bold with yellow and orange. If it works harmoniously, it will give a more vibrant look. Modern living spaces do not necessarily have to have vibrant colors in every corner, they do, however, require a pop of color for a more visual impact.


Modern designs and living spaces are all the rage lately. Celebrities such as the Kardashians prove testament to the fact that modern living spaces give you a classier and sophisticated look. However, you do not have to compete with million dollar celebrities to live your interior design dreams. 

Modern living spaces are all the rage lately, and quite rightfully so. They incorporate very little, yet make a significant impact. Limited furnishings eliminate clutter and create a zen atmosphere for a cozier and more comfortable living space.