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Finding the Best and Widest Range of Lightings in Singapore

Finding The Best And Widest Range Of Lightings In Singapore

When you first moved into your home, you must’ve envisioned a personalized space that catered to your aesthetic. The design that we have in our heads is often a rough draft of the design we end up with. This doesn’t imply a downgrade! Instead, it means that there is a range of elements to choose from – most that we didn’t even know existed. 

When it comes to Singapore, numerous designers and decorators have curated decorative elements that appeal to people worldwide. With so many designs to choose from, the average homeowner often feels overwhelmed with the options! 

In most cases, you might end up with an element that doesn’t suit your needs. Lighting elements are also far from being straight forward illuminating objects – they’re statement pieces as well and critical to every space’s interior design!

Finding the Best and Widest Range of Lightings in Singapore

Floor Lamps

Soft White Cover Floor Lamp

Shop This Look: Kairi Classic Drum Shaped Aesthetic Floor Lamp

Think of a table lamp and then think of it as twice its length – you’ve got yourself a floor lamp. They have several features that make them quite literally stand their ground over table lamps!

You would typically see a floor lamp placed in the living room or study. Usually, you can place floor lamps directly behind or alongside reading chairs or couches etc. While you can use a floor lamp as ambient lighting or accent lighting, it is primarily a task  lighting solution. In this case, that task is reading.

However, they are in no way limited to just that. Some homes feature floor lamps in dining rooms or kitchens as well for accent lighting or ambient lighting. Safe to say, floor lamps have a range of functions and uses.

Minimalist Floor Lamps

Minimal Floor Lamp

Get This Look: Oberon Contemporary Functional Marble Base Floor Lamp

Minimalist designs call for one thing – decluttering. Their prime aesthetic is to remove as many unnecessary features as you have, favoring functionality over excessive form. Designing a minimalist living space requires you to incorporate form and function into the same element. 

Thanks to their length and use, a floor lamp can be used as a multi-functional object. It can function as a reading table, an organizer, or a side table. These lamps pave the way for more space to be made around your living room or any other area at that.

You can find the featured product on Light Atelier. Not only is it a unique metallic and marble floor lamp, but it doubles as a tabletop. Incorporate it as a bedside table or beside your reading chair to enjoy your reading.

Industrial Floor Lamp

Industrial Floor Lamp

Shop This Look: Shoney Wooden Tripod Spotlight Floor Lamp

Industrial lighting elements are larger than life lighting solutions that focus primarily on giving you the most for your money. If you want something for your room that looks chic and is functional, your best bet is to go with an industrial floor lamp.

Featured is one of Light Atelier’s sturdiest floor lamps and one of the most sturdy designs you might find anywhere in Singapore! This light is wobble-proof and provides you with the perfect reading experience around kids and pets.


Luxury Chandelier Light

Get This Product: Kerby Contemporary Cascade Glass Pendant Light

At some point in our lives, we’ve all fantasized about a chandelier. These lighting elements are larger than life central fixtures, attracting every eye in the room. Chandeliers have typically been associated with glass chandeliers or crystal elements.  

However, over the years, many designs have come forward, incorporating much more than a mansion-esque feature. From vintage styles to modern and right down to minimalistic, there are several different forms and types of chandeliers to choose from. Here are some of our picks.

Vintage Chandeliers

Vintage Chandelier Light

Shop This Look: Adair Vintage Metal Candlestick Chandelier Light

Vintage decorative elements combine two things homeowners love – elegant design with a cozy feel. One of our top picks, this product is a classic farmhouse chandelier at Light Atelier. It’s a multi-pendant chandelier that stands out in any room.

The design allows for a diffuse and subtle glow to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, all the while standing out and impressing whoever comes over by its timeless aesthetic.

Modern Chandeliers

Staircase Chandelier Light

Get This Product: Tentagil Chic Round Staircase Chandelier Light

This chandelier has the “go big or go home” vibe – and we love it! In luxury apartments or homes, you would have to incorporate elements that complement the bigger, bolder, and better aesthetic.

With this raindrop chandelier, you accomplish just that. The intricate design is catches everyone’s attention and keeping their gaze for long. 

Table Lamps

Table Lamps Singapore

Shop This Product: Ashton Classic Elegant Design Table Lamp

table lamp is a classic decorative element and a functional one found in almost every home. These timeless lighting solutions produce catalogs of their own, incorporating various styles, sizes, and designs.  

At Light Atelier, our collection of table lamps is practically exhaustive. We have table lamps of all aesthetics made to complement your style.

Vintage Table Lamps

Vintage Table Lamps

Get This Look: Nettie Mid Century Vase Shaped Table Lamp

You can find the above featured product at Light Atelier. Contrary to what most people might believe, vintage designs don’t necessarily stand apart from your less than vintage aesthetic. 

For example, this table lamp incorporates vintage designs in a subtle yet effective manner. The shade is simple and plain – it doesn’t distract from the lamp’s colorful, painted body. 

Contemporary Table Lamps

Contemporary Table Lamp

Shop This Product: Guillelmina Contemporary Ring Shaped Table Lamp

The question isn’t over what makes a contemporary table lamp stand out, it’s more so what doesn’t make them stand apart? Contemporary designs are larger than life elements composed of intricate work, making them appear different and extraordinary.

As a result, table lamps are your ultimate, go-to designer element. This lamp creates an elegant and comfortable vibe for your bedroom, living room – or virtually any space in your home. 

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights

Shop This Product:  Hieronymusa Modern Minimalist Colored Pushpin Ceiling Light

There are a lot of many variants when it comes to ceiling lights. It’d be fair to assume there have been catalogs upon catalogs filled with nothing but ceiling lights! From flush lights to pendants and chandeliers – the list for ceiling lights is exhaustive. 

At Light Atelier, we classify products based on type and style. If you’re looking for the perfect ceiling light to match your aesthetic, be it vintage, modern, contemporary, you name it.

Vintage Industrial Ceiling Light

Vintage Industrial Pendant Light

Get This Product: Aeacus Vintage Caged Wheel Ceiling Light

When form meets functionality – you find yourself a ceiling light such as the Aeacus Caged Wheel Ceiling Light. It doesn’t just look chic. Rather, it falls through with general and ambient illumination for a wide space. 

Are you looking to revamp your loft? Look no further.

Minimalist Ceiling Light

Minimalist Ceiling Light

Shop This Look: Caedmon Modern Minimalist Square Shaped Ceiling Light

While it might be called minimal, a minimalist light runs the extra mile to be suited to its preference. These lights have to look chic, perform brilliantly and retain a clean, calm, and open feel. 

Our featured lights is a minimalist ceiling light, and it is adjustable onto any ceiling or wall in your living space. Whether it’s your kitchen or your bedroom, the Caedmon Modern Square Shaped ceiling lights will find their place anywhere.

Pendant Lights

Gold Washed Pendant Lights

Get This Product: Hoyt Elegant Bird Caged Pendant Light

Pendant lights will find their way into any corner of your home and elevate it. It’s true what they say: The right light can either make or break your style choices. With a pendant light, there’s a bigger chance of making a home run than any. 

Pendant lights are versatile lighting elements that pay homage to the term ‘artistic lighting.’ At Light Atelier, you can find lights in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles!

Contemporary Pendant Lights

Contemporary Pendant Lights

Shop This Look: Finnbar Contemporary Flaying Bird Pendant Light

Featured is one of our most unique designs – the Finnbar Flaying Bird pendant lights take exquisite to a whole other level. This lighting option is the perfect fit for your space if you want to have that track-tripping, jaw-dropping effect on your guests!

Contemporary pendant lights such as the one featured here elevate classic lighting designs and provide innovative lighting solutions. They work well with almost every aesthetic and are more investments than they are lights. 

Modern Pendant Lights

Modern Pendant Lights

Get This Look: Kerye Modern Sparkling Diamond Pendant Light

The featured pendant light incorporates mirrors in its design to allow a larger reflective service when you turn it on. Light bounces around and provides a starry feel throughout your room. 

The modern design also features sharp, clean cutting edges giving it a futuristic look. By investing in modern lighting designs, you can notch up your living space and create an up-to-date ambiance.

Wall Lights

Wall Lights Living Room

Shop This Product: Abergavenny Modern Chic Circle Group Wall Light

There used to be a time not too long ago when a ‘lighting element’ was nothing more than a plain, old lighting fixture – often just a bulb. However, wall lights testify that lighting elements can be a lot more than just illuminating objects. 

Light Atelier offers you a diverse range of lighting solutions featuring wall lights in every shape and form. You can add these lights to any corner, and they will stand out as art features with their unique designs. 

Elegant Wall Light

Elegant Wall Light

Get This Product: Rikki Elegant Dual Head Wall Lamp

Nothing beats an old favorite like a wall-scone. The Rikki Dual Headwall lamp is an elegant feature with a sophisticated matte black finish and dual gold shades. You can place them in your study room as their downward lights provide task illumination for readings. 

Similarly, you can install them in your dining room to give layered lighting or highlight particular features of your living room – you can install them anywhere and perform!

Modern Wall Lights

Modern Wall Lights

Shop This Product: Yanamari Modern Musical Note Shaped Wall Lamp

The featured product is multi-functional: use it as an attractive element to wow your guests with its exquisite design. Other than that, you can turn it on to create a comfy environment with its warm lights. 

These wall lights are the perfect fixture for over the fireplace or bedside installations. You can even install them in your kids’ room as night lights! Light Atelier features products that fall through with every need you might have.


When it comes to choosing lighting fixtures, elements, or solutions in general, Singapore is a hub to designers and innovators who have come out with catalogs upon catalogs of great designs.

Selecting the best design out of these can be tricky and overwhelming. However, when you take several complementary features into mind, you might get the best value for your dollar.