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Expert Tips on Making Your Home Apartment Instagrammable

Expert Tips on Making Your Home Apartment Instagrammable

Social media has taken the world by storm. The technology was originally centered on information and communication. From its inception in the 1990s till this day, several advancements have been made in the world of social media. 

Instagram gives the term ‘media’ in social media true meaning by being a primary photo sharing application. There’s hardly a day that goes by where you don’t browse through Instagram. Over a billion users have signed up on the application and it receives daily traffic of several millions. 

Given as to how Instagram depends primarily on photo sharing, people have been using images to convey various messages, promote business, and in this context, provide inspiration. 

What Does it Take to be Instagram-Worthy?


Aesthetic bathroom with warm lightCredits: Renopedia, Design 4 Space

The terms Instagram-worthy or Instagrammable are used interchangeably to refer to something that’s aesthetically pleasing, creative, or in any way edited to perfection. Basically, an image that’s worth being on Instagram.

People tend to draw inspiration from what they can see and Instagram helps them visualize their thoughts, ideas, and whatsoever inspires them. Home decorating or interior designing has a separate category of its own on Instagram.

Several accounts are dedicated solely on tips and tricks to make your space look worthy of sharing with the entire world. These tips, however, are not limited to certain spaces or demographics – there’s something on Instagram for everyone!

Expert Tips on Making Your Space Instagrammable

  • Dedicated Spaces

Cool and trendy space with floor lamp

Credits: Pexels, Kira Schwarz

If you’re venturing into the niche of home design and decorating, it might be best to start off small. In this context, instead of focusing on an entire room to decorate and redesign, start off with a particular space. 

Dedicated spaces are chosen based on natural lighting, convenience, and leeway for creativity. For example, it’s easier to style a bookshelf periodically than the entire pantry. 

You can decorate these dedicated spaces routinely to feature different themes, play around with different colors, and use various textures. All in an effort to break away from the monotony of the space.

  • Multiple Mirrors

Designer inspired mirror aesthetic

Credits: Pexels, Polina Tankilevitch

Mirrors are in every interior designer’s arsenal. There is an endless list of aesthetic variations that require mirrors. A mirror can be used strategically to brighten up spaces, trick the eye into perceiving a room as bigger than it actually is, and overall a great fix for creative blocks. 

Instagram is particularly in favor of using mirrors for pictures – selfies, inspiration, and the sort. You can use multiple mirrors on a dedicated walls in different shapes and sizes, or you could use solitary arched mirrors. 

Floor length mirrors are particularly the rage these days for outfit inspiration, home decoration, and such. 

  • String Lights

String fairy lights on the wall

Credits: Pexels, Sirri

You’ll hardly find a dorm room that isn’t donned with string lights… String lights are now becoming a bedroom decorating staple. The incandescent lights give the room a nice hue. They can also be manipulated into various shapes, and arranged to spell something out. 

String lights are, however, not restrictive to dorm rooms or bedrooms. You can place them in any room – even the living room. 

  • Adding a Tinge of Green

Pastel interior with elegant light

Credits: Renopedia, Mr. Shopper Studio

Spruce up your living space with a tinge of greenery to brighten up your space and make it look livelier. When it comes to Instagram, your best bet would be using something that has a pop of color in it. 

Green looks better on a desk if the rest of the desk is muted. The entire point of the potted plant is to have something that brightens up your space. You could alternatively hang vines around in your room to give it a more creative touch.

  • Bare Furniture

Sophisticated interior with gorgeous light

Credits: Renopedia, Design of Schatz

Bare-legged furniture is something that’s been making a come-back through Instagram. This style of furniture was popular in the latter half of the 1990s with bold patterns, minimal furniture, and of course, bare-legged furniture.

This type of furniture looks particularly beautiful with minimal aesthetics and decorations. It also looks soothing and gives more of a homely feel to the entire room.

You can even upcycle bare-legged furniture from thrift shops. In fact, most people look to thrift stores to buy bare-legged furniture.

  • Throw Pillows and Loads of Textures

Chic luxury sphere glass pendant light

Product in the Image: Vernay Luxury Sphere Glass Pendant Light

If there’s one thing that Instagram has revitalized, it’s the use of multiple textures. You can layer multiple textures in rooms with fur, velvet, and other textiles. The best way to incorporate a plethora of textures into the same room is by using throw pillows.

Another use you can make out with throw pillows is using them to give a pop of color to your room. In an Instagram-worthy room, every item has it’s own designated purpose. Nothing overpowers the other in a room that has made its way onto Instagram. 

  • Redoing Your Pantry

Pantry space

Credits: Pexels, Tarryn Elliott

To make something look well-organized and soothing to the eye, redecorate the space with the most colors – the pantry. With a range of spices and different items to play around with, this room can look as bright and colorful as you want it to be. 

Place your spices in bare, glass jars on shelves that are in clear view. To bring it up a notch, you can arrange your spices by color. Another interesting thing to do to make the pantry worthy of being on your Instagram is to arrange everything according to size, shapes, and colors. 

  • Wallpapers to Make it Come Together

Luxury restroom with elegant lights

Credits: Pexels, Fineline Designs

Some apartment managers and apartment complexes restrict your creative control with a list of terms in your leasing agreement. However, no one said anything about stick-on wallpaper.

Stick-on wallpaper is just that – you stick it onto your walls and change it periodically to fit multiple aesthetics and then right before your lease is up you peel it all off. These wallpapers are cost-effective, beautiful, and make your space look Instagrammable.


Instagram has taken the world by storm and given new meaning to the term ‘social media.’ Over a billion users have signed up on the platform and several millions browse the application daily. An Instagram-worthy image is one that is, obviously, Instagram worthy. 

The term encompasses a niche of home décor and renovation that follows latest trends, 21st century aesthetics, and something that makes you comment praises all over. 

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