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Crystal Lights Making a Comeback in Style

Crystal Lights Making a Comeback in Style

“Crystals amplify the consciousness” – Shirley Maclaine

21st Century is dedicated to boldness and brilliance. This era is all about making unique and unapologetic choice – especially when it comes to your tastes. It’s all about adding character, richness and a sense of other-worldliness to your home interior!

Home interior designers and experts are on their toes, reinventing and revamping lighting trends of the past to put out something unique, creative and elegant for you to choose. And in this guide, we’ll talk about the most sought-after of all these top trends that are making a comeback – crystals!

Crystal Lights – The All New Hype

The rise in the popularity of crystal lighting as a trend isn’t a sudden surge. Rather, this particular element has existed in all types of lights, especially chandeliers, for decades. 

For a long time, crystal has been the key element of extravagant, old-school lighting, which enables its association with traditional and vintage styled lighting options. 

While the sense of warmth and welcome exuded by traditional style, crystal-studded lighting options is still something homeowners love, this decade sees a whole new vision of crystal lighting options with a more modern touch and a free form design. 

Now that crystals have become a core element in modern, mid-century and even rustic lights, it is safe to say that they’re making a comeback in style and it’s worth the buck! 

Nowadays, crystals come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Whether it is an extravagant piece of welcoming and nostalgic, traditional chandelier, or a more minimalistic, wholesome and sophisticated pendant light, you’ll find crystals right under the spotlight!

Top Trending Crystal Light Looks 

In this section, we have picked out some of the top trending and best-rated lighting looks for the decade. Keep scrolling!

Chandelier Lights

Without a doubt, the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the word “crystal lights” is an extravagant and luxurious chandelier. 

As mentioned earlier, crystals are an essential element of chandeliers. Whether you have a more old school preference or contemporary tastes, you’ll find all kinds of chandeliers that are adorned with gorgeous, pristine and sparkling crystals in our top picks!

Traditional Style Crystal Chandelier

A classic piece of traditional glory, the old school, crystal chandelier light is back in style – and it’s looking royal!

Elegant Crystal Light

Credits: Pexels, by Cottonbro 

Modern Crystal Chandelier 

Radiating luxury and glory, this modern chandelier encapsulates the glitz and glamor fever of the 21st century, creating a whole new standard for modern home interior decors! 

Living Room Chandelier Light

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Mid-Century Minimalistic Crystal Chandelier 

While the mid-century crystal chandelier may not be entirely unique, it plays upon the traditional, candle-inspired structure of chandeliers and renews it with a soft metallic touch and a minimalistic design – and its look good

Magical Black Chandelier

Credits: Unsplash, by Fir Madrigal

Pendant Lights 

Pendant lights score a second spot in association with crystals. The great part about pendant lamps is that they’re accommodating. Available in a vast array of designs, shapes, styles, colors and etc. pendant lamps can be experimental – it goes without saying that they do justice to the elegance of crystals.

Since there are plenty of variations within crystal studded pendant lamps, we’ve picked out the trendiest ones for this section. Let’s check them out!

Geometrical Crystal Pendant Lamp

Geometricals are just as popular as the iconic, post-modern free form design. And when bejeweled with finely cut pieces of crystals, a geometrical pendant lamp can create the illusion of an angelic halo, adding a paradisaical glow to your safe haven! 

Ring Clear Crystal Light

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Linear Style Crystal Pendant Light

Linear pendant lamps boast a sleek and chic look, making this type of light a favorite for all those homeowners that seek a minimal and classy appeal. With the infusion of crystal studs, this lamp becomes not only sleek and stylish, but an emblem of luxury and beauty.

Pretty Chandelier Light

Credits: Unsplash, by Dexter Fernandes 

Chandelier Style Crystal Lamp

Among our top picks is the chandelier inspired crystal pendant lamp, giving your interior the best of both worlds! Isn’t this a charmer? 

Black Crystal Modern Light

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Wall Fixtures 

While wall fixtures are an essential element of light layering, this type of light won’t pop up in your head when you think of crystal lights. But that is exactly the kind of surprise and intrigue that crystal lights strike in their comeback!

With crystals trumping the lighting design trend of 2020, there’s no way we can skip out the most iconic pieces from our picks – so let’s take a look!

Lantern Inspired Crystal Wall Light

Amongst the trendiest crystal wall fixtures, the lantern inspired one has become immensely popular among homeowners. For most, it serves a vintage aesthetic, which really balances out the addition of contemporary décor in interior design! Isn’t it just perfect?

Glass Lamp Scone

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Chandelier Styled Crystal Wall Lights

Crystals and chandeliers have a long history together, and this dynamic duo even takes the form of wall lights! With the trend of crystals becoming a favorite among homeowners, and chandeliers have a soft spot for the olden glory, this style of crystal wall light is just the perfect combo! 

Chic Luminous Wall Light

Get This Look: Rayhourne Elegant Chic Luminous Crystal Wall Light

Classy Contemporary Crystal Wall Light

Elegant, sophisticated, minimal and radiant, the contemporary styled crystal wall light has everything you need to give your home a soft and soothing luminosity! 

Classic Warm Chandelier

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Crystal lights are making a smooth sailing comeback in style, and in more ways than ever known to home interior and décor. With this comeback, it is time to step back and consider moving along to the latest interior trends by installing your favorite lighting option.

What’s your pick?