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Chandeliers Singapore: Designs in SG you never knew were available

Chandeliers Singapore_ Designs in SG You Never Knew Were Available (1)

Did you just move into a new place?

Are you revamping your home?

Do you want some dazzling lighting fixtures for your restaurant or café?

Then look into some of the latest and most unique chandelier designs available in Singapore!

For years, chandeliers have been a staple in home interior. While pendant lamps are the new vogue, chandeliers have still retained their highly sought-after place when it comes to luxury home interiors and decors.

And if you are looking for a way to make a statement through your interior, then chandelier is a must installment among your lighting fixtures.

However, it is important to note that with the changes in the aesthetic dynamics, chandeliers have transitioned from rigid structuralism, and have adapted to unique, exclusive and contemporary designs relevant to the 21st century’s vision of an ideal aesthetic. 

In this guide, we’ll be looking at some of the chicest, coolest and classiest chandelier designs in Singapore! 

Singapore’s 8 Most Distinctive Chandelier Designs


 Traditional Luxury Chandelier

Shop This Product: Yvonne Luxury Modern Crystal Chandelier Light

A traditional chandelier is a classic piece of luxury home lighting fixtures. When it comes to making bold fashion statements while maintaining an air of acceptance and beauty in your home, a traditionally designed, extravagant chandelier is the perfect, go-to choice!

*Pro Tip: This chandelier is suitable for spaces that exude luxury and glamor. It looks perfect in settings dominated by darker hues and heavy furniture! 


Luxurious Vintage Chandelier

Get This Product: Gaagii Vintage Classic Luxury Design Ceramic Chandelier Light

Inspired by antique settings and the old galore, a vintage inspired chandelier design is something that most homeowners as well as restaurant owners fall in love with. This type of chandelier evokes a feeling of timelessness and unreality – a strange feeling of belonging, connection and warmth. Naturally, this type of chandelier design has made a comeback and is currently one of the most popular ones in Singapore!

*Pro Tip: This type of chandelier design serves it purpose in almost all kinds of spaces. It beauty and glory will look particularly exceptional when it is installed in the living room, complemented by more vintage lighting fixtures such as wall lights. 


Elegant Industrial Chandelier

Shop This Look: Laefertun Modern Industrial Elegant Spider Chandelier Light

Chandeliers have quickly adapted to the 21st century verve of industrial-rustic style. The retro aesthetic is back in style but when combined with chandeliers, it takes upon a refined look. This eccentric combination of grunge-retro aesthetic with something as exuberant and glorious as chandeliers gives homeowners something to unique to take pride in. 

*Pro Tip: This unique combination of industrial with chandelier has become the new favorite of most homeowners – install it in your living room or lounge area to beautify your interior! 

Free Form 

Chic and Stylish Chandelier

Get This Look: Charmain Industrial Chic Design Raindrop Chandelier Light

We’re living in a post-modern world, and this era is all about defying classical, established forms and structures by creating new and abstract concepts – even with designs! The free form chandelier design is an entirely new aesthetic – something being warmly welcomed in Singapore! 

*Pro Tip: This piece is a striking addition to your restaurant, bar, pub or even a bar in your own home. Make sure that it is installed in a larger, spacious area with sophisticated furnishing!


Glamorous Modern Chandelier

Shop This Product: Aafke Modern Glamorous Crystal Balls Waterfall Chandelier Light

Never thought you’d see something like this, did you? 

The modern chandelier designs in Singapore are a surreal, slender and sparkling addition to your interior. This chandelier design focuses creating a monumental and awe-inspiring appeal while keeping its form composed and precise, enabling home owners to relish a roomy space in their homes. 

*Pro Tip: Install the modern chandelier in a master suite room or in a chat pit. This particular design is suitable for spaces that boast luxury and elegance!


Relaxing Minimalist Chandelier

Get This Look: Bardaric Modern Leaves And Twigs Chandelier Light

The rage of minimalism remains rampant and upwards, to the point where it has culminated into chandeliers as well. Who would’ve thought that chandeliers could be minimalistic as well?

While this particular design of chandeliers is a branch of contemporary tastes, it really encapsulates the modern-day need for sophisticated interior with minimal décor. An emblem of urbanity, this chandelier design has become a trend-setter and it totally deserves to be one!

*Pro Tip: A minimally designed chandelier light is the perfect lighting option for small spaced apartments and studios. You can install it on top of the kitchen aisle area or dining table as well as in your bedroom. 


Unique Geometric Chandelier

Shop This Look: Rabhartach Modern Geometric Circle Squares Chandelier Light

Geometrical chandelier designs create an illusion of complexity with their intricacies and details, giving your home interior a rich character. Whether you prefer circular, triangular or rectangular shapes, any chandelier with a geometrical design will add a soft luminosity and maximum functionality to your space. 

*Pro Tip: Make sure the geometric chandelier design you choose complements your furniture, especially if there is a table underneath. 


Luxury Linear Chandelier

Get This Product: Kaelan Modern Luxury Rhythm Musical Chandelier Light

Linear chandelier designs are garnering all the hype!

With space becoming concentrated, linear chandeliers have gained popularity as they create a look of roominess in your space, without compromising the elegance and grandeur that a pendant lamp cannot provide. This chandelier design creates a feel of delicacy and spaciousness with its structure, and luxury with its style!

*Pro Tip: Install this chandelier near your chimney or in your dining hall where you entertain guests – it’s the perfect fixture to impress anyone with!


Aren’t you amazed by all these gorgeous chandelier designs that you probably never knew existed?

At Light Atelier, we offer the most unique and distinctive chandelier designs throughout Singapore. We believe in creating limitless options for chandeliers to reinvent their fashionability, which keeps these lighting fixtures relevant! 

Which one is your top pick?