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Chandelier Lights – 8 Types Of Designs Bound To Impress Your Guests

Chandelier Lights are marvels of drop-dead showiness, the jewelry of architecture.” – Peter York

If there is one universally acknowledged fact, it is that chandelier lights are the gemstones of interior design. These extraordinary lights exhibit elegance, beauty, luxury and royalty. 

Whether they’re designed to emit a sense of heavy embroidery or crafted with the simplicity of minimalism, a gorgeous chandelier just never ceases to impress anyone!

It goes without saying that chandeliers can instantly elaborate the look of your home interior. Whether your interior lacks the feeling of fullness or you’re simply missing out on the galvanic appeal, there’s nothing a piece of strong, exuberant and glamorous chandelier cannot infuse in your home interior! 

Are you a homeowner looking for magnificent pieces of chandeliers to adorn your home?

Do you want to find splendorous chandeliers for your home to create an air of luxury and timelessness around it?

Then check out the 8 types of chandelier lights you can get for your home to impress your guests!

Traditional Styled Chandeliers

Credits: Pexels, Photo by Ashwin Alok 

Emanating luxury, beauty and magnificence, a traditionally designed, pure crystal chandelier is perfect for all those homeowners that wish to heavily ornament their homes. The stunning, finely-cut crystals not only accentuate a sense of richness, but they also work effectively in maximizing the illumination through reflection.

If you’re looking for a rather vintage and heavy set of chandelier, then a traditional-styled chandelier perfect for you!

Candle-Inspired Chandelier 

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Chic, elegant and modern, this type of chandelier stands true to its name. It exhibits lights in a candle-shaped crystal container (or glass, it depends), and is designed with the purpose of enhancing illumination and adding a sense of glory in your home. 

If you’re looking for an elegant piece of chandelier for your living room, then a candle-inspired chandelier will definitely bring you the bang for your buck. And oh, it will definitely impress your guests!

Luxury Crystal Chandelier

Credits: Unsplash, Photo by Zne Lee

As the name suggests, this type of chandelier is exclusively designed to exude a sense of luxury and grandeur. Its chic and stylishness lures the onlooker into a helpless state of charm and bedazzlement. 

The distinguishing feature of this chandelier is undoubtedly its focus on crystals. Speaking specifically with regards to the setting, this chandelier is perfect when placed in formal settings for the purpose of improved illumination and ornamentation. 

If you’re one to leave strong and unforgettable first impressions, then make sure to get this type of chandelier in your home – it’ll leave your guests bewildered and fascinated!

Waterfall Chandelier 

Credits: Pexels, Photo by Moe Shammout 

Posing a look of cascading reverence and beauty, a waterfall chandelier is a clear-cut fashion statement. If carries an air of pride and glory, enabling you to notch up a simply decorated living room or master suite to a whole new level of royalty.

This type of chandelier comes in various structures. For instance, the base can be rounded or square but the highlight of this type of chandelier lies in the “dripping” effect created by the crystal studs. 

Do you want to leave your guests absolutely enchanted? Then invest in this waterfall chandelier and let your living room experience glory!

Empire Chandelier

Credits: Pexels, Photo by Jovan Curayag 

This particular type of chandelier is perfect for manors or spacious areas in your home. it is renowned for its display of opulence and splendor. While the most popular style of Empire chandeliers is French-style, a more generic one also perfectly adorns any setting in your home.  

Linear Decorative Chandelier 

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Consider this our absolute favorite!

This linear styled chandelier features bubble-pop glass exteriors, cocooning light bulbs in a beautiful way. This chandelier adds a look of amazement, delicacy and stylishness to your home. What makes this so perfect is that it works wonderfully whether its day or night!

If you’re trying to fit in some impressive fixtures in your home, then this one is a must add – especially if your home has an upscale and modern vibe! 

Bowl-styled Vintage Chandelier 

Credits: Pexels, Photo by Brett Sayles 

The Bowl-styled vintage chandelier is a total treat to the eyes. Whether fixed over a breakfast table or installed in the living room, it turns any setting luxurious and extraordinary. 

What makes this so special is that it’s a classic. Since it is inspired by a vintage design, it never runs out of fashion, no matter what. So your home interior will end up looking new and fresh even with the passage of time!

Shaded Glass Chandelier

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There’s nothing sleeker and classier than a good, blown-in styled glass light!

This particular type of chandelier light is designed to create the ultimate, luxurious vibe in the heart of your home. It emanates a soft, dewy and almost-Gothic glow, giving your home a splendorous luminosity throughout!


Chandeliers add a feel of opulence, a sense of grand and lofty beauty to your home interior. Whether your house is heavily ornamented or minimally decorated, a chandelier’s addition will upgrade the whole look of your home.

Since there is a wide variety of chandelier types and designs, it is best to choose the one that either complements the dominant color pallet of your home interior or something that adds a bit of a dazzle. Choosing the right type of chandelier is determined by your interior!

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