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Chandelier Light Designs That Are Bound to Impress

Chandelier Light Designs That Are Bound to Impress

Modern homes, vintage-aesthetics, contemporary interiors, or industrial designs – if there’s one thing that can tie an entire room together, it’s a chandelier. 

The idea that chandeliers are only for fancy living spaces is outdated. They can be used in any space, to complement any design, and they shine at their job – literally!

But with catalogs filled with one design over another, it’s hard to choose a chandelier that works best for you. Designers have all sorts of ideas on their catalogs. While some can be more universal, others can be more towards the aesthetic side. 

You have questions, and we have answers! 

We’ve compiled a few of our top picks for chandelier light designs that are bound to impress – plus, a few bonus tips to make the most use out of your lighting fixture!

Modern Crystal Raindrop Chandelier

Crystal Brendolyn Modern Crystal Raindrop Chandelier Light

Product in Image: Brendolyn Modern Crystal Raindrop Chandelier Light

We’ll start off with an old classic – the raindrop chandelier. What makes this design timeless is the fact that it is, in essence, the perfect example of a centerpiece. 

You’d assume that something that shines as bright as a raindrop chandelier would have several tiny lighting fixtures attached to it. But the truth is the lighting fixture only has a lighted base. 

he light it’s giving off, the light that’s enchanting everyone in the room, is reflected off of the hundreds of glass raindrops that are hung from the lighted base. The reflected light bounces off one raindrop to another, and so forth makes a hundred little glass fixtures shine. 

You could have a room with minimal to no furniture and the classic crystal raindrop chandelier would give it substance. Similarly, you could have a room with several fixtures, paintings, and decorative items. But the modern crystal raindrop chandelier would still hold its place above them. Pun intended.

Circle Chandelier Light

Greguska Modern Elegant Circle Chandelier Light

Product in Image: Greguska Modern Elegant Circle Chandelier Light

Not everyone’s a huge fan of the classic chandelier. The twentieth century is all about keeping it minimal and classy. Two things that are amplified with this modern, circle chandelier design. 

Many people would be surprised to find that a chandelier doesn’t have to be big, loud, and bold. Modern chandeliers, such as this one are designed to be as simple as they can be. However, they need to serve their prime purpose well – that is, being the center of attention. 

Given how a chandelier would never be offset from the center, it’s pretty easy for them to be in the spotlight. In hindsight, they are the spotlight! 

This modern take on a chandelier fits beautifully with modern and Scandinavian designs. If you’re looking for something that would elevate your space, but wouldn’t take away from the overall interior designing concept of it all then this modern circular chandelier is the right fit for you!

Versatile Chandeliers

Vintage Candle holder inspired chandelier

Credits: Pexels, Pixabay

Chandeliers have broken the glass ceiling – they can be anything they want to be! Designers are constantly coming up with various light fixtures that would suit multiple aesthetics. It’s something most people didn’t think was possible. That is until we found this modern-day, candelabra inspired chandelier. 

This chandelier design is inspired by the candle bearing time of the early 1900’s. It takes us back to the times when light fixtures were just placed high enough to place candles. 

However, the fixture combines the old with the new: its sturdy metallic frame complements simplistic modern designs, and synonymous industrial aesthetics. 

We have: vintage, modern, industrial – this chandelier checks all the boxes!

Statement Piece Chandeliers

Borge Modern Magnificent Tree Leaf Pendant Light

Product in Image: Borge Modern Magnificent Tree Leaf Pendant Light

Imagine being at an art exhibit, but the statement piece that catches your eye is the lighting fixture that shines the entire space. You’d think that’s a pretty far stretch for a lighting fixture. But you’d change your mind the minute you look at some designer chandeliers that could double as statement pieces in their own right!

They keep the chandelier tradition alive: Being the center of attention! 

However, the design element to these lighting fixtures also serves to illuminate more creatively whilst also doubling as a decorative element. It’s two birds with one stone, only it’s a chandelier! 

If you’re looking for a lighting fixture that’s bound to impress, look no further. What would impress a room filled with people more than a lighting fixture that could double as a piece of art?

Colorful Chandeliers

Modern colorful patterned chandelier

Credits: Pexels, Pixabay

Are you bored of the same old chandelier designs?

If you’re someone who wants something more adventurous for their space, but would like the tinge of elegance that surrounds a chandelier, you’re not at a crossroad. In fact, it’s a pretty straight road ahead because we have the right fix for you!

What you’re looking for is a colorful chandelier. They might seem a bit controversial when it comes to chandeliers. However, they shine just as bright, are hung just as high, and can make heads turn just like the rest of them. Or maybe more than they ever could!

You can use colorful chandeliers to light up contemporary spaces. These chandeliers create a totally unique aesthetic appeal when paired with bold colors!

These chandeliers have our heart!

Where To Buy The Perfect Chandelier From?

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Timeless classics, modern takes, best of every world, statement pieces, and a tinge of color – we’ve looked at some guaranteed chandelier designs that are bound to impress. 

Which one’s your favorite?