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8 Creative Ways You Can Use Floor Lamps In Your Home

What’s that one thing in an interior designer’s arsenal that can elevate any living space? By elevating, we aren’t talking about just ‘taking up a notch.’ This is something that can transform a mediocre or meek-looking space into something right out of a magazine – we’re talking about lighting.

Floor lamps have been traditionally used to provide strong light. However, modern designs incorporate a multitude of features ranging from that of traditional brightness to simple task lighting. There are an absolute plethora of uses for floor lamps, and rightfully so. They’re some of the most versatile fixtures and not just as a source of illumination, but as decorative elements as well. 

Traditionally, you would have noticed floor lamps positioned at any corner of a room or behind a couch. While it could still be used as such, we’re diving into eight creative ways in which you can use floor lamps at your home!

Move Them Around

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What comes to your mind when you hear someone talk about floor lamps? If you’re like most people, you probably envisioned a scene right out of a reading room with a floor lamp in a corner near a couch. Now, while this might be one way to arrange a floor lamp – it is by no means the sole way. 

Get creative with positioning. Do not limit floor lamps to corners out of tradition. Try moving them around to other corners of the room and not simply wherever the couch is. Your could place them near tables and shelves. All the while, the floor lamps falls through with its intended use (illumination) and you’ve kept yourself from being generic with a versatile piece.

Enhancing Ambient Lighting Using Torchiere Lamps

Credits: Unsplash, Steve Johnson

Perhaps one of the major reasons which compel homeowners and designers alike to go for floor lamps is because they’re available in several styles and designs. Additionally, these styles and designs can be incorporated to produce any of the three lighting styles. 

Torchiere lamps, in particular, are used to enhance ambient lighting. If you are a bit rusty with your lighting terminologies then here’s the gist of it: ambient lighting is meant to create an ‘uplight’ and thereby illuminate the entire room. 

These lampshades are usually facing upwards with the bulb almost completely exposed. While they have been usually associated with more classical and vintage looks, torchiere lamps can also be incorporated in modern designs. Vibrant lampshades can add a light hue to the entire room and additional bulbs can also be added in some designs.

Go Wacky With Shades

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You see here before you a wacky floor lamp. When you first saw it, did it confer with a traditional floor lamp? Probably not. That’s the point, you’re only limited to whatever you believe you should be. However, modern and contemporary designs allow for customized lamp shades and designs which bring a more future-esque look.

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Mix It Up With Different Lamp Shades

Credits: Unsplash, Fransesco Tosilini

Lampshades are not mere decorative elements to tie the aesthetic of your room together – although, they serve that function particularly well. Lampshades are used to filter, direct, and shape light. You might associate most lampshades as conventionally being more tapered towards the top and wider at the bottom. However, this too is just one of the many different types of lampshades. 

Go with different shapes, different sizes or one floor lamp with two shades of the same type, but different sizes. This would not look out of place or as crazy as you might think it would. On the contrary, it serves its purpose much more efficiently this way.

The material of the shade plays a major impact on the amount of light that it lets pass by and the decorative elements on the shade itself create a pattern for the emission by diffusing and tinting some of the light. You could even control the hue of the light by playing around with different colors for the shade and not necessarily the light bulb itself. 

Floor Lighting For Task Lighting

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As specified above, floor lamps are some of the most versatile lighting fixtures to have ever been invented. They can be incorporated into any of the three ways of lighting. If you’re looking to sit back on your couch on a lazy Sunday and just catch up on some reading – or, if you can match that vibe, then you’re looking for task lighting. 

Ideal lamps for this would be floor lamps that produce relatively focused areas of light, hence the word ‘task.’ The light falls narrowly and aims most of the light downwards. 

Light Combinations

Credits: Unsplash, Fransesco Tosilini

Elevate your living space with a combination of lamps and light fixtures to add on more with your floor lamps. A floor lamp can light up dark corners and illuminate light in several ways. Thus, they illuminate based on your needs. Lamps could be used in combination at a distance for more illumination at other corners of the home.

Take a look around your room, you might have overhead fixtures, central lighting, fixtures on your walls, and whatnot. These are usually lighting fixtures incorporated more for function and less for form. The aesthetic element is not one to be slighted, especially when you have floor lamps to save the cause. 

Floor lamps provide an additional layer of lighting used to brighten the room or to be used for task lighting. Similarly, they might just be used to complement the fixtures that are already installed. It’s essential to keep your living space from looking overly bright or under. Consider the fixtures first, they can’t be as easily moved around. 

If the lower portion of the room seems less illuminated because the lighting is focused more on the ceiling area, consider a downward lighting floor lamp.

Don’t Be Afraid To Play With Colors and Contrasts

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The one thing you would not want to do is to limit yourself to a particular color – not just when it comes to floor lamps, but any decorative element. Match your floor lamps with shades of different colors and contrast it with the framework. 

Floor Lamps As Furniture

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Modern designs have elevated lighting elements from being just that – to just that and so much more! Floor lamps have been remodeled and redesigned to allow for more functional uses. For example; modern designs allow for shelves, arcs, and tables. 

You still have your floor lamp, but now you have so much more to add on with it.


With several uses and benefits, floor lamps are a great investment to elevate any living space. They hold with both form and function. You can still have your dream aesthetic and be able to see in the dark with these elements. 

Not to mention, the numerous ways in which they can be used!