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7 Table Lamp Trends for the Decade of 2020

Table lamps are an essential part of your home interior. Apart from being a stylistic addition, most table lamps are functional lights. These functional lights enable you to work or study efficiently as they maximize the illumination in your space. 

Of course, not all table lamps are the same. This is also because you may not need a table lamp specifically for work purposes only. For every room, you’re likely to use a different type of table lamp!

The most important thing you need to remember when investing in a table lamp is that it will reflect the purpose you need it for as well as the overall feel of your room. 

Of course, with lighting, it is important to keep the tastes and trends of the times in mind. You can’t have outdated table lamps, can you? This is why, you need to keep an eye out on the 2020 table lamp trends when investing in a new one!

7 Table Lamp Trends for the Decade of 2020

Trend #1: Make A Statement 

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Not every lighting piece or fixture has to be purposeful – sometimes, you just need to strike the right tone, set the right mood in your space. This is why, 2020 decade sees a spike in the popularity of statement style table lamps!

What’s interesting about this particular trend is that it has no limits to it – whether it is a sci-fi inspired design or an eccentric experimental piece, this trend focuses on the lamp’s ability to leave an impression. And Light Atelier’s Aland Contemporary Stunning Bubble lamp successfully creates a moody vibe for your space!

Trend #2: Retro-Vintage Is The New Inspiration!

Credits: Pexels, by Burak K

The Edison-styled table lamp sprouted the vintage-retro lighting trend for the 2020 decade. Inspiring nostalgia as well as timelessness, this table lamp serves as a remnant of the past – as a piece of antique glory, making homeowners fall in love with it! 

This table lamp suits any space where you require mental focus. So using this particular lamp as an additional light on your work or study table will help you concentrate on your task-in-hand without exerting strain on your eyes.


Trend #3: Keep It Clutter Free 

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The 2020 decade is all about keeping it nice, neat and spacious! As a result, the clutter-free trend, inspired by minimalistic approach to life, has really spread like wildfire and all the homeowners are jumping on this bandwagon as well!

In this new era, over or heavy ornamentation is losing its value. Instead, sleek, stylish and minimally designed pieces, even with table lamps, are gaining attention. So simpler and cleaner lighting options, even with your tables and desks, can help you stay enlightened as well as keep your space looking chic!

Trend #4: Dewy Gold Finishing For a Delicious Glow

Credit: Pexels, by Burst 

According to the pattern predicted for the 2020 decade, soft gold has become an absolute favorite. There has been a rapid rise in the popularity of creamy, soft and soothing colors such as gray, beige and gold. What makes this trend even more popular is that such colors blend well in contemporary home designs. 

This particular lamp works perfectly as a nightstand light as well as a reading lamp. You can really bring out its full effect by investing in matching, soft golf or complementing, gray or beige fixtures in your space.


Trend #5: The Bigger, The Better

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As mentioned earlier, not every table lamp is used as task lighting. In fact, table lamps are an underrated piece of ornamentation! For the purpose of ornamentation and beautification, a big and bold table lamp really creates that “WOW” effect. 

Along with the useful lighting, a big and bold table lamp functions as a centerpiece, making your living room or guest chat pit elegant and stylish. These table lamps usually complement other pieces of décor such as an antique set of silverware, miniature plant pots, and etc. 

Trend #6: Globe’s Glory

Credits: Unsplash, by Beazy

In the recent times, globe shaped lamps have become well in-demand! This particular trend started from the galaxy inspired, space themed lighting options, and eventually came down to moon or globe shaped lights.

Apart from sparking curiosity and matching your aesthetic, a globe shaped lamp is the perfect way to set the right mood or create a relaxing feel in your space. Popular specifically among teens and young adults, this type of lamp maximizes illumination and guarantees a laid-back, soothing ambiance in your space.

If you’re looking for mood lighting or a lamp for your study desk, then a globe shaped lamp is a great addition to your cool and cozy space.

Trend #7: Classic Meets Contemporary 

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Lately, homeowners are swooning all over the classic-meets-contemporary trend! This trend is all about carefully blending the elements of traditional lighting designs such as a broad umbrella-drum upper with a sleek and stylish, cone-shaped support. What makes this piece standout is the subtle addition of the soft golf finishing at the bottom!

This trend creates an air of harmony, balancing out the classical elements with the contemporary elegance. In addition, since this table lamp functions as task lighting, it is perfect for all those spaces where you need optimal lighting such as your study or work room. 


With the raging lighting trends of the 2020 decade, it’s almost impossible to pick one and let go of the other. According to our experts’ opinion, it is always best to go for the lighting that feels right in your space and also offers functionality (if you need it!). 

Whether you want the trendiest table lamps or any other type of lighting, you can visit our website at Light Atelier to find a vast range of elegant and sophisticated lighting options for your home.