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7 Latest Lightings Which Will WOW Everyone

Every era brings forth a new aesthetic! We started with vintage, moved onto modern contemporary, and now we have contemporary designs. 

Likewise, every era brings forth catalogs upon catalogs of new lighting fixtures and lighting elements. From various shapes, sizes, shades, and even innovative ways of illumination – there are several lighting element designs that are like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

We’re looking at seven of the latest lighting design ideas that are bound to impress anyone! 

From carefully curated chandelier designs to out-of-the-box pendant lights and table lamps unlike any of the past, here are seven latest lighting which will wow everyone!

7 Best Lighting Designs for a Banger Wow Effect

1. Snowflake Shaped Pendant Lights

Gregorie Contemporary Snowflake Shape Pendant Light

Product in Image: Gregorie Contemporary Snowflake Shape Pendant Light

Pendant lights deserve a round of applause for being incredibly versatile – they go well with every aesthetic. They can also be installed in any corner of your living space, and are highly functional. 

Lighting element curators are always coming up with newer lighting design ideas, each one more impressive than the last. 

The latest impressive lighting element in our sights is this snowflake shaped pendant light. Every snowflake is unique and so is this lighting fixture. The crystal elongations from the base mimic the creativity of nature when designing a snowflake. 

The base has several lighting elements that are attached to the crystal elongations. When the lighting fixture is not in use, it can function as a carefully curated decorative element. When it is in use, it doubles as a lighting element, plus the world’s most gorgeous snowflake!

It’s a sight for sore eyes.

Light bounces off from the base of the lighting element to the glass snowflakes and the overall look is enchanting to say the least. This fixture is great over table tops, in living rooms, or even in themed bedrooms. It’s bound to get your guests talking!

2. Full Moon Wall LampGremio Luxury Full Moon Wall Lamp

Product in Image: Gremio Luxury Full Moon Wall Lamp

Take the moon to your room! This full moon mimicking wall lamp isn’t just great to look at, it’s incredibly functional in its use. The light emitted is soft and romantic, perfect for modern rooms and vintage aesthetics. Anything that screams sophistication!

While most creative elements serve only one purpose, or are better at one over the other, this moon lighting fixture can illuminate your space in the best way any other lighting element could. Plus, it functions as an art piece too. It’s the best of both worlds!

The full moon wall lamp is compact enough to be installed into any corner of the home and give out a great hue to the room. It enhances not only the illumination, but also has people wondering where you got it from! 

Just tell them to go to Light Atelier for similar lighting solutions that are bound to get anybody talking. 

3. Geometric Tripod LampHeribert Modern Geometric Tripod Floor Lamp

Product in Image: Heribert Modern Geometric Tripod Floor Lamp

While there’s a whole lot of diversity with lighting fixtures, standing lighting elements rarely get the same amount of love. However, we’ve found the perfect standing lamp that’s both innovative in its design, and exceptional in its use. 

We’re talking about the geometric tripod lamp. 

The lamp can be placed in any part of the home – the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, or even the home office. And it’ll be the centerpiece regardless. 

The other great thing about this design is that it’s timeless and works with any and every aesthetic. You can install this in your children’s bedrooms, your home office, or even in the living room and it’ll still make sense. It’s not just an innovative looking lighting element, it’s a timeless classic!

The design might look like it’s been done before, but this geometric tripod lamp is the first of its kind which adheres with several aesthetics. Giving you a versatile lighting element that’s fun to look at, and even more fun to decorate with!

4. Corner Floor Lamp

Brennen Minimalist Modern Corner Floor Lamp

Product in Image: Brennen Minimalist Modern Corner Floor Lamp

Perhaps what’s terrific about this floor lamp is the fact that it goes well with just about any aesthetic! The floor lamp is perfectly designed to adjust in any corner of the room. Hence, corner lamps. 

With this lamp you won’t only have a lamp that works perfectly for corners and ‘hard to light’ areas of the room, but also because of its design. It’s futuristic, modern, and innovative – both in design and in its use. 

It seems fairly simplistic in its design, but when it lights up you get a lighting element unlike any other! We love this design. 

It’s hassle-free, simple, and works with any aesthetic. You can place it in any room and it’ll give the room more depth. Plus, the lamp can work as both task lighting and accent lighting. 

We’d go with the latter just because of how the design is structured, but you can go crazy with it!

5. Mountain Wall Lamp

Mererid Modern Creative Mountain Wall Lamp

Product in Image: Mererid Modern Creative Mountain Wall Lamp

With so many different ways to light up a room, you’d think that anything that could have been done is done. You might want to hold on to that thought, because next up on our list is a lighting fixture we’re sure you’ve never seen before. What is it? This mountain-themed wall lamp. 

The fun thing about the lamp is that it doesn’t look anything like one! 

The base of the lamp is picturesque like mountain terrain and can easily be mounted onto any wall. Anyone looking at it would think it’s a perfectly designed decorative element. 

They wouldn’t be wrong! This lighting fixture serves a dual purpose: decorative and functional. 6.Your guests won’t just be impressed by looking at the mountain wall lamp, but they’re in for a surprise once you turn this innovative lighting fixture on! 

6. Artistic Lighting ElementsAdain Contemporary Eye Catching Pendant Light

Product in Image: Adain Contemporary Eye Catching Pendant Light

The best way to get everyone talking is to install a lighting element that not only acts as the centerpiece of the room, but is so incredibly beautiful that people just can’t keep their eyes off of it. 

Could there ever be such a lighting element? While most people would think it’s a far stretch, we bring ahead this artistic pendant light. 

Now, pendant lights are pretty versatile in their use anyway! They can be used in any corner of the room, in any room of the home, and they can outshine any aspect of the home with their existence. That’s both figuratively and literally!

However, what people underestimate about pendant lights is that they can only be used either as decorative elements with poor lighting functions, or as lighting functions that don’t add personality to the space. 

Take a look at this artistic pendant light with a shade that’s not just stunning, but functional in its use too. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a pendant light!

The design works with most aesthetics and can be a standalone for any room. If someone walks into your space, they’re bound to ask you about this fixture first thing. Just tell them it’s one among a hundred other fixtures you can find on Light Atelier!

7. Breneon Luxury Gold Circular Chandelier Light

Breneon Luxury Gold Circular Chandelier LightProduct in Image: Breneon Luxury Gold Circular Chandelier Light

Your home is your sanctuary and you deserve a living space that compliments the sort of comfort you so rightfully deserve. Next up on our list is this modern, chic, luxury gold, circular chandelier. That might sound like a mouthful, but this exquisite lighting fixture will get your guests talking. That is, of course, after they spend a minute or so ogling at it!

What makes the Breneon chandelier different from other chandeliers? To start off, the concept isn’t traditional – the design features multiple lighting elements instead of one, encased in a mirror framework that allows light to bounce back from one surface to another. You’ll be maximizing the amount of light given off by this chandelier, with no added electric cost.

While the interlaced design of the Breneon chandelier is indeed new, the lighting fixture in itself appeals to both demographics: people who are looking for something new, and people who want something familiar. The design might be new, but it isn’t over-the-top. It’s unique, but it’s not complicated. 

All in all, it’s a true lighting solution.

Are you looking for lighting solutions that aren’t just useful for lighting up rooms, but are also beautifully crafted? 

Looking for something that gives your living space more personality and would get people talking? 

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