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5 Lighting Hacks Every Singaporean Homeowner Must Know

5 Lighting Hacks Every Singaporean Homeowner Must Know (1)

Picture this: you’ve just moved into your new home, you’re always out and about looking for furniture, art pieces, and all sorts of interior furnishings to make the home really yours. 

Amid all of that, did you take a second to think about home lighting?

Odds are you probably put that thought on the back burner. How difficult could it be to light up a home, right? 

You’d be surprised! 

Today, we’re looking at five lighting hacks that every Singaporean homeowner must know! 

From the importance of natural lighting to the sophistication of accent lighting, there’s plenty to know. Featuring a few specific tips for lighting individual rooms, here’s a complete guide for lighting homes that every Singaporean needs to know!

5 Best Lighting Hacks You Need To Know 

Let Natural Light In

Credits: Pexels, Angela Cavina

There are probably stacks of catalogs on different lighting fixtures and elements, placement ideas, their multi-uses, and such. 

However, everything comes second to natural lighting. Natural lighting, that is light coming in from the sun, has an edge over artificial lighting. It’s pleasing, comes with a lot of vitamins, and gives your living space the umph that it needs!

How can you make the most of natural lighting? 

Invest in larger windows, plus supplies to keep those windows as clean as you can. Blinds and curtains should allow most of the sun’s light to come in. And, most importantly, pair natural lighting in a way that it can complement artificial lighting. 

While natural lighting is superior to artificial lighting, you can’t rely on the sun all the time. You need to pair the lights that you can buy with the light that’s free. What’s the best way to do that? Invest in dimmers. 

Dimmers adjust the intensity of artificial lighting to keep your eyes from straining. Most people wait until it’s too dark to turn on artificial light. And the constant re-adjustment for their rods might take a toll on their vision. 

Layer Lighting

Product in Image: Corbit Contemporary Key Shape Pendant Light

There are three broad types of lighting; ambient, task, and accent. To make the most out of your living space, you need to incorporate all three lighting types. How so? 

  • Ambient Lighting

This is general lighting that brightens the entire room. Understandably so, you can’t function without main lighting. This could either be one centerpiece, like a chandelier, or track lights around the room. 

  • Task Lighting

This is specific lighting that goes over specific corners of the room for task-related purposes. For example, over reading chairs, study tables, and workstations. Task lighting does more for specific jobs than ambient lighting – but is more of an adjunct than a replacement. 

  • Accent Lighting

This is accentuating lighting that goes around areas of the room that you’d like to highlight. Such as paintings, centerpieces, and architectural elements that you’d like to bring more focus to. 

You’ll need all three types of lighting to really brighten up your home!

Make Use of Accent Lighting

Product in Image: Reeford Modern Minimalist Adjustable Ceiling Light / Wall Light / Track Light

We’ve already talked about what accent lighting is and how to incorporate it. But the importance of accent lighting needs to be further emphasized on. Accent lighting adds more depth and character to your living space. It accentuates areas of the home that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

Accent lights are picture lights, track lights, and pendant lights that do not brighten the entire room based on their structure and design. Rather, they are able to bring focus towards specific areas of the room. 

As a homeowner, you probably have decorative elements that you’d like to bring more focus to. These may include paintings, pictures, vases, and anything that’s decorative. 

The best way to get those things in high focus is to invest in accent lighting. Where can you find a wide array of accent lighting? On Light Atelier! Singapore’s leading site for all things lighting – pendant lights, chandelier lights, track lights, and any kind of light you can think of!

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Lighting Can Be Decorative Too

Product in Image: Fabiola Modern Creative Wooden Pendant Light

Most people put off buying lighting elements for their home until the very last second. It’s pretty common. People believe that lights are the simplest elements to be incorporated into living spaces. Those people would be wrong!

While most people wouldn’t give lighting elements a second shot, we’re suggesting that you make dual use out of your lighting elements. One is illumination, and one is decoration. Lighting elements, or solutions, can be incorporated in various ways; even as decorative art pieces. 

Designers are constantly coming up with ideas on how to make the most of your lighting element. Pendant lights, for example, are incredibly versatile in their design and structure. They can be used in a variety of ways – even as art elements!

Outdoor Lighting Is Important Too

Vincze Elegant Waterproof Outdoor Wall Lamp Product in Image: Vincze Elegant Waterproof Outdoor Wall Lamp

We’ve talked about how to optimize lighting inside of your home, let’s talk about outdoor lighting! What is outdoor lighting? Outdoor lighting includes patio lights, headlights, and even pendant lights that you can install either inside or outside the home.

In fact, most lighting can be dual lighting – inside and outside lighting. 

Outdoor lighting can light up your patio, your garden, or fixtures outside of your home that should be accentuated. Outdoor lighting needs to be carefully thought out in terms of placement, intensity, and weather protection. There are several catalogs to browse through for the best outdoor lighting in Singapore – only on Light Atelier!

We’ve just gone through five of the most important tips for homeowners in Singapore – everything you need to know to make the most out of your living space. 

Lighting is just as important as any other element in your home, but often goes by without the recognition that it so rightfully deserves. Don’t just light up your space – light up your mood, aesthetic, and have everyone complimenting your home with these well-thought out lighting hacks!