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10 Tips To Instantly Upgrade Your Bedroom To a Luxury Look

10 Tips To Instantly Upgrade Your Bedroom To a Luxury Look

What exactly is it about a hotel room that makes us yearn for more? 

Here’s a hint: It’s not just room service. 

Hotel rooms are designed in a way to make you feel homier than at home – how? They incorporate a luxurious interior with comfortable bedding and bright chandeliers to give you a little taste of luxury.

However, having just returned from your vacation to a disheveled bedroom lacking that luster, you can’t help but miss all that luxury. 

The question is – who said you have to? 

The word ‘expensive’ has been used quite synonymously with the word ‘luxurious.’ If your budget is what’s been holding you back, here’s a look at ten tips that will instantly upgrade your bedroom to a luxury look without breaking the bank.

Know Your Space

Credits: Unsplash, Febrian Zakarai

Mirrors, chandeliers, rugs, fluffy bedding – these are just some of the things that have been associated with making rooms look luxurious. While it’s easy to get lost at an interior store and want it all – the fact of the matter is, you can’t.

It might not necessarily be about the budget. Sometimes we go in thinking we have much more space than we have. This is a problem that even a seasoned designer would face if he or she were trying to do too much in a small space.

It is important to have a floor plan that correctly displays square feet available for decoration and demarks where certain things would go. You wouldn’t want to order a custom made headboard only to find out while installing it that it doesn’t even fit.

Ward Off Space For Existing Furniture

Credits: Unsplash, Beazy

If you don’t have a floor plan, you could just as easily grab a tape measure and approximate some areas usually going with the lower value to give yourself a little more room. Similarly, you could tape off areas in your room occupied by furniture that you do not want to replace and have an estimate on all the ‘wiggle room’ you do have for new furniture to be placed. 

Clutter Is Not Luxurious – Quite the Opposite

Credits: Ladbroc Elegant Chic Drum Shaped Table Lamp

Here’s a tip that won’t cost you any money and still give you that dream aesthetic – cut the clutter. This is one of the most important steps to take if you want a beautiful room. The hotel room you’re picturing or that mood board you’ve made of Pinterest, every luxurious room has one thing in common: they aren’t a mess.

Everything could get dusted on the daily, but a cluttered room looks disheveled and messy. A luxurious looking space has a lot more space than it does furniture. That’s what makes it look fancy. It achieves so much with so little making whatever there is a statement that doesn’t overshadow anything else. Rather, it all blends harmoniously.

Incorporate Artwork

Credits: Unsplash, Kim Schouten

Art is made to look pleasing and catch your attention. One of the defining features of an aesthetically pleasing room is the fact that the artwork is placed in larger frames and redistributed to a few corners.

Homeowners have often been known to choose kitchen or living room upgrades over bedroom upgrades. This is primarily because the bedroom is rarely seen as space where guests will mingle. Granted that is so, nevertheless, your bedroom is where you have to feel comfortable.

The artwork is made to be appreciated which would make sense for it to be hung in social areas. This doesn’t mean that your bedroom has to look like a hospital room. Redistribute artwork that you already have in your home to save money.

Lighting Makes A Difference

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This tip probably comes as a no-brainer, but you have to adjust the lighting in your room to give it a subtle look yet does not compromise on quality. There are several ways in which you can play around with the lighting for a more luxurious look.

High ceilings call for more natural light as opposed to smaller windows that would require hanging lights or bedside tables. Likewise, you can’t have luxury without having a chandelier! If you’re confused over which sort of fixture or lamp to go for, have a look at the product catalog at Light Atelier for inspiration on something gorgeously illuminating. 

Choose Your Aesthetic

Credits: Unsplash, Derrik McKinney

When most people think of luxury, they think of neoclassical Victorian style home. Perhaps this is something that’s been keeping you from having the luxurious room you’ve always heard about – a common misconception.

Luxury is not defined by the similarity it holds to another room thought to be luxurious. If the entire world adhered to a particular style – Pinterest wouldn’t be a thing! It is thus important to pick an aesthetic that suits you and your needs. It could be mid-century, boho, modern, madmen, or even contemporary.

Blend In, But Stand Out

Credits: Unsplash, Jeanna

Similarly, your bedroom does not have to look out of place with the rest of your home just for it to stand out. You could blend it in with the same aesthetic, and then make it stand out with bold accessories and fixtures. 

Try to match your style with your personality. Remember, after a long day at work, you wouldn’t be looking to come home to a room you barely recognize. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and let’s keep it that way.

Add Statement Pieces

Credits: Unsplash, Jelena Mirkovic

Luxurious rooms are often defined by particular statement pieces and not by an array of items that have no coherence with one another. Once you’ve defined your aesthetic, go in with statement pieces that compliment and finish off that look. Remember, they have to blend in with everything and not stand out like a sore thumb.

Easiest: Reorganize Your Vanity

Credits: Unsplash, Liana Micah

Your vanity or your nightstand can stand out on their own as the most luxurious areas of your room even before you start remodeling. A cluttered vanity can make or break the entire room. You could work with the vanity you have, or gloss over it to give a more modern and elegant vibe.

Add Something Green

Credits: Unsplash, DeMorris Byrid

Remodeling does not happen in a day, but you can’t wait that long? The quickest and easiest way (also the cheapest) to upgrade your room from average to classy is by adding in something green. 

A large fern, small potted plants, or a few cacti – anything goes.


Your bedroom is the most personal space in your entire room. It’s your sanctuary after a long hard day to relax and unwind. It’s only fair to want to come back to a room you feel your happiest in. Upgrade your bedroom with these simple tips to have that luxurious feel you’ve always wanted.