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10 Lighting Design Inspirations for Bungalow Houses

Call it a cottage, call it a cabin – bungalows are affordable living solutions for the middle class and are typically seen in the suburbs. They are low-rising, traditional homes meant for comfortable living. While bungalows have often been associated with more ‘traditional’ interior in the past, they are in no way limited to any one particular theme.

A common misconception associated with lighting themes for bungalows is that it has to be boring and generic. The truth is, it’s only boring as long as you make it out to be. Lighting elements come in a wide variety of shapes, designs, and aesthetics. Finding what works best is what gets most homeowners lost. 

Here’s our list of ten lighting design inspirations for bungalow houses. Turning that generic, old house into something out of a magazine!

Contemporary Chandeliers

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A key feature most homeowners would like to maintain when renovating or remodeling their bungalows is to keep as much of the traditional elements as possible. Most bungalows shine with a mix of traditional and contemporary design elements and not just future-esque fixtures. 

Contemporary styles are minimalist designs meant to elaborate on newer designs. Hence, in a bungalow with traditional furniture, a contemporary chandelier would keep the balance. Chandeliers come in a variety of different designs, from different shapes to different colors and whatnot.

Statement Lighting – It’s In The Name

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The challenge reported by many interior designers when having to renovate a bungalow is to find a blend between design elements that reflect on the homeowner’s style or wishes and maintains the personality of the neighborhood. Bungalows are usually seen in the suburbs with many other cottages like homes. As such, sticking out like a sore thumb for being different, but not necessarily better, isn’t what anyone would want. 

Statement lighting is, well they have an impact and make a statement. They’re designed to capture your attention as soon as you walk into the room. While most people would associate statement lights with chandeliers, there are a plethora of elements you can choose from. 

Different Finishes For Floor Contemporary Floor Lamps

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Floor lamps are tall standing lamps that have been traditionally placed in various corners of reading rooms. They have been mostly used for task lighting and are associated with something you’d find in Grand Ma’s home. As boring as they might sound, contemporary solutions to these traditional elements incorporate more function and form making floor lamps key elements to elevate any room.

Newer designs go above and beyond traditional wooden finishing. A key feature of contemporary style is to have fixtures made up of high-end materials that are meant to last longer. As such, contemporary floor lamps can either be made up of brass, steel, or even wood with different finishes.

Installing Wall Lighting

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The outside of a bungalow is what gives it it’s a rustic and traditional vibe, the inside can be modified as much as you would like. However, because of the way they’ve been built for years and years, certain elements have become synonymous with their designs. 

With larger front porches, bungalows are thought to work best with scones. These are lighting fixtures installed particularly to give task lighting. Wall scones have a lantern-like look to them because of this purpose. However, recent designs have incorporated more contemporary ideas for wall lighting fixtures.

When illuminated, contemporary lighting elements give a visually striking facade. 

Ceiling Lighting

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You’d quite often find a fireplace to be the ‘statement’ of the entire bungalow. Rightfully so, they’re hard to miss. As such, instead of opting for perimeter lighting to illuminate the entire room, go for ceiling lighting for a particular area. In this case, that area is the fireplace. 

Accent Lights All-Around

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As opposed to ambient lighting, accent lighting is a lot more subtle. Ambient lighting is what you would find in most traditional homes given as to how they’re the most luminous. However, if you aren’t looking to lose vision by the time you get out of the house, opt for accent lighting. 

While ambient lighting can still be used for general purposes, accent lights give a more cozy feel once all the other lights are turned off.

Task Lighting For Kitchen Islands

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We’ve talked about ambient lighting and accent lighting, it’s time to talk about task lighting. Amongst the three, task lighting is thought of as an interim means of illumination. It retains the intensity of ambient lighting and the subtleness of accent lighting. How? It essentially allows for focal points of light to be concentrated thus illuminating areas for a particular ‘task.’

Bright And Airy Hallways

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Hallways in bungalows are a common finding, but more often than not, they appear extremely congested and tight. Believe it or not, the sort of lighting you choose holds a significant impact on the openness of a room. A bright and airy hallway in a bungalow is a rarity – but it can be achieved with the right lighting elements. 

With perimeter lighting along with the architectural framework of the hallway and subtle incandescent light bulbs along the length of the hallway, you’ll have yourself feeling like a celebrity each time to go to the kitchen to grab a bite.

Picture Lights

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The secret any interior designer holds to completely transform and elevate a living space is to play around with the lighting elements. Picture lights are contemporary lighting solutions that bring more focus onto wall hangings or pictures. With other lights turned off, they give a contemporary feel irrespective of whether you’re living in a cozy bungalow or a penthouse.

Contemporary Table Lights

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Lighting elements do not solely have to be the sort you’re drilling holes into the walls for. Any room can be elevated and redesigned with movable items as much as they can be with fixtures and perhaps even more. Table lamps lights are a prime choice and often the very first step in bringing about a change to your living space. 


Bungalows have been associated with boring and generic themes. However, this might have been before the introduction of contemporary lighting solutions. There are many ways in which you can either completely transform your traditional home, or retain a blend of both worlds to reach your dream aesthetic. 

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